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2012 Audi Q5- A Review
0 comments, 22/05/2012, by in Audi, Auto Reviews

The new 2012 Audi Q5 is the latest sensational car that will please the auto lovers. The exterior is remarkable and the interior is luxurious. The safety features are advanced and high tech. The engine is robust and is capable of giving outstanding performance. Let’s have a look what other feature... Read more...

Renault – New Cars On The Block
0 comments, 07/05/2012, by in Auto Reviews

Renault a powerhouse on its own has come up with some really great cars. Though we believe in the saying live life kingsize, it does not need to be applied always especially in the selection of cars. It’s all on what we require and what suits best for us. Renault has come up with some big, some sm... Read more...

Sizing Up Your Car for the Summer
0 comments, 18/04/2012, by in Articles, Auto Reviews

According to the Bureau of Traffic Statistics, approximately 91% of summer trips in the United States are taken by car. Hitting the road during the summer is an American tradition, but planning for the trip goes far beyond purchasing a new bathing suit or finding a kennel for Fido. It’s also about... Read more...

2012 Toyota Yaris- A Review
0 comments, 10/04/2012, by in Auto Reviews, Toyota

The 2012 Toyota Yaris is out there to stop you in your tracks as this new car is stunningly beautiful. The interior is compact but loaded with technological equipment. The safety features are its best. The robust engine is capable of giving power performance. Fuel efficiency is achieved and you get ... Read more...

Top 10 High Mileage Cars of 2012
0 comments, 29/03/2012, by in Auto Reviews

Price hike is affecting the world economy all over and increase in gas prices have led everyone to buy a car that is fuel efficient, gives high mileage and runs on the robust engine. We have compiled a list of top 10 high mileage cars that are great fuel savers. Let’s have a look at them. (more&... Read more...

Does your car have a personality?
0 comments, 28/03/2012, by in Articles

First, it must be stated that every car has a personality. Even if the image it projects is staid and boring, that is the image the manufacturer decided would attract the ideal customer for that particular car. That said, car owners can deliberately choose and customise cars that suit their personal... Read more...