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4 Things to Do Before Heading to a Dealership
0 comments, 15/09/2020, by in Articles

If the time has come for you to buy a new car, don’t get blindsided by the sales reps at the dealerships. While warm and welcoming, you can still feel pressured into the upgrades or signing right away after a test drive. To keep yourself from being taken advantage of, you must prepare for car ... Read more...

5 Steps to Help You Purchase Your Dream Car
0 comments, 18/08/2018, by in Articles

Everyone has a dream car. Some people fantasize about luxury, while others imagine themselves racing down the Autobahn in a sports car. Whatever your dream car is, you can have it – eventually. If you are financially set, you can afford your fantasy wheels now. If you are like most people and stru... Read more...

Should You Buy or Lease a Van?
0 comments, 25/07/2018, by in Tips and Guides

Are you thinking of getting a new car for your business? For many businesses, a van is essential and so it important that, economically, you choose the one that is going to be right for your business’s needs and matches in line with your finances. While buying a van, or a car for that matter, u... Read more...

The Three Best Driving Roads in Europe
0 comments, 15/02/2018, by in Articles

There’s no doubt that Britain is car mad, our heritage proves that. Top Gear was a true testament to how much we love the internal combustion engine and anything that it’s strapped to. Throughout Britain, Clarkson and the team found the best driving roads to take a car to its limits in the most ... Read more...

Make Your Jeep More Aggressive With A Lift Kit
0 comments, 27/10/2017, by in Articles

Driving in a Jeep is always a fun experience, but if you’re a true “Jeeper,” then you know that a lot of the excitement comes from upgrading and modifying your ride. If you’re still driving the stock model that you bought off the lot, are you a real Jeep owner? While there are a bunch of dif... Read more...

Are 1980’s Classic Cars already in?
0 comments, 23/03/2017, by in Articles

When you think about classic cars, often there are visions of a late 50s Chevy Bel Air or a Corvette Stingray. But a classic car doesn’t have to be from a time that feels so long ago to truly be considered “classic.” If you want to invest in a classic car in the future, consider a 1980s futuri... Read more...