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Organic Tires
0 comments, 20/01/2017, by in Tips and Guides

In the early 1800s, making rubber from the tree sap of rubber trees was mostly just a curiosity. After much experimentation, though, in 1823 George Macintosh developed a way to impregnate the rubber into clothing material. Thus the first water proof clothing was developed. Not long afterwards, in 18... Read more...

The Beast off the Road; The Beast on the Road
0 comments, 15/09/2016, by in Auto News

The all-new Land Rover Discovery. A look that gives you a confidence of a car that can be driven on any terrain or conditions. One has to know the design guru behind this rugged look which is Gerry McGovern who redefines the Discovery in a segment of large SUV. Gerry's team has created a machine whi... Read more...

Honda: The Must-Buy Car Brand For 2016?
0 comments, 26/04/2016, by in Honda

Honda is a Japanese car brand with a long and rich history. They are also a brand associated with motorcycles and planes, believe it or not! Honda cars are a familiar sight in almost all countries on the planet. The brand tends to build premium vehicles like hatchbacks, saloons, tourers and SUVs. ... Read more...

How To Sell Your Old Car Fast
0 comments, 11/03/2016, by in Tips and Guides

Are you looking to get rid of your old vehicle and purchase something new? Would you like to make sure the sale happens quickly, so you have more cash to spend? Then it’s wise to read the tips on this page before using the advice to your advantage. There are lots of methods you could use for achie... Read more...

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