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Organic Tires
0 comments, 20/01/2017, by in Tips and Guides

In the early 1800s, making rubber from the tree sap of rubber trees was mostly just a curiosity. After much experimentation, though, in 1823 George Macintosh developed a way to impregnate the rubber into clothing material. Thus the first water proof clothing was developed. Not long afterwards, in 18... Read more...

The Beast off the Road; The Beast on the Road
0 comments, 15/09/2016, by in Auto News

The all-new Land Rover Discovery. A look that gives you a confidence of a car that can be driven on any terrain or conditions. One has to know the design guru behind this rugged look which is Gerry McGovern who redefines the Discovery in a segment of large SUV. Gerry's team has created a machine whi... Read more...

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