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Short Lived Asian Automobiles
0 comments, 25/01/2017, by in Tips and Guides

The United States is a tough market to sell cars into. Problem is there are already a lot of fine cars and trucks sold here now. Not only that, they have complete dealer networks and infrastructure up and running. This hasn’t stopped a number of companies from trying, though. In this article, we w... Read more...

Steps to Becoming an Owner-Operator
0 comments, 03/04/2015, by in Articles

The promise of owning your own rig may have you embarking on the path to becoming an owner-operator. Before you get ahead of yourself, it is important to step back and take a look at what you need to do in order to successfully make the transition from company driver to owner-operator. Owning you... Read more...

Women and Classic Cars: A Long Struggle
0 comments, 03/09/2014, by in Articles

Cars have normally been perceived to be a male orientated hobby, but things are now starting to change, and we’re now starting to see the rise of the female petrolhead. But, what’s changed to get females more involved in the classic car world, and are they a match made in heaven? The truth is... Read more...

GMC Sierra Bested by Ford F-150
0 comments, 18/06/2013, by in Articles, Ford

Why are Fords so popular? Good question. Of course the answer is simple and one that every car buyer knows. Affordability, style, reliability and comfort are the things people usually look for when they purchase a new car. Ford seems to have included those elements in many of its models throughout t... Read more...

Top 10 Cars Between $55000- $85000
0 comments, 25/10/2010, by in Auto Reviews

Top Cars In today’s fast world, cars are not only a way of moving, but also a status symbol. People are no more interested in impulse buying, especially when it comes to automobile purchase. Automobile industry is now manufacturing high tech wonders, which are not only up to date, but also pricey... Read more...