How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor for You

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When it comes to learning to drive, it’s important that you choose a driving instructor who’s best suited to you. There are many ways ...
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The rumour mill in the automotive industry is constantly turning, and this time it has been turning its attentions to the ...
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The Best BMW Models Of All Time: Which One Will Yo...

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BMW have been at the forefront of popular motoring for many years, and although there is some stiff competition around these days, this manufacturer still ...
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BMW attends the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in ...

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The BMW Group has earned a very distinctive position in the automotive industry as the world’s leading car manufacturer with innovative in-car developments. With these ...
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GM to Open New Logistics Center Near Lansing Grand River Plant

FirstCadillacATSVehiclesThe automobile segment is really growing and therefore many car makers in the US market are now planning to invest more in their production plants that can help them to churn out more cars by the end of the year that can also boost their sales and production in the future. General Motors has already been announcing lot of investments that they are making to ensure that they offer better car and driving experience to the car owners.

Now, GM has made an announcement that they are investing around $44.5 million to come up with their new Logistics Optimization Center at their Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant that will also help them generate another 200 jobs in that region.

The company said that they usually spend lot of money on assembling parts and therefore they have now decided that they will come up with a 400,000 square foot building right adjacent to the plant for sequencing and assembling the parts that are required for manufacturing. GM said that this will help them to reduce the cost of production in the future. GM also said that the Lansing Grand River plant is home to Cadillac ATS which is currently the best car that they have in their brand.

Christine Sitek GM North America Manufacturing Manager said that this new project will show how GM is coming up with better strategies to do better business without compromising the quality of products that they roll out. She said that they have developed an innovative material strategy that will benefit all, the company, the employees and the customers as well. GM believes that the investment will help them save lot of money and improve the company efficiency. It will also help the company to generate more employment in the region and they can go ahead with their world class manufacturing performance which is the hallmark of Lansing Grand River plant.


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