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2014 BMW i3 – Review

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10 Best Ever Classic Cars of 80’s and 90’s

Photo by Martin Pettitt

Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet.” Cars have always been the modest mode of transportation since their advent. First cars were steam driven- vehicles. Then internal combustion engines were invented .Later, more technological advancements in auto industry captivated the motor fans in their charm. However, the cars of 80’s and 90’s are still considered the most stylish cars, though they have become classic. Toyota, Mercedes, Ford and Mitsubishi cars were the vintage vehicles with a magical charisma. We have compiled a list of 10 Best Ever Classic Cars of 80’s and 90’s that are still motorists favorite.

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Top 5 Classic Cars to Invest In

Photo by tkvalsund

The life of a car is an interesting story, or at least it can be if the vehicle has real appeal. In general a car is bought brand new, it slowly loses value over the years and is then scrapped. This is the fate of the majority of cars, but not all of them.

Some cars strike a chord with people and their appeal remains throughout the years and the decades. Enthusiasts invest time, effort and money in these machines to keep them in great condition and after some years these vehicles fall into the classic car category.

Classic cars have a huge fan base. These cars have charisma and rarity and this appeals to a lot of people. The value of such motors remains and can even grow over time, so it can be prudent to invest in a classic car. Whether you purchase a classic used Audi, a Jag or an MG, it can provide you with a lot of fun and a valuable asset. Here are 5 classic cars that are well worth bidding for if you come across one at an appealing price.

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Best 5 Future Classic Cars

Do you have any car of your grandfather which you consider as classic car? Most of the people love to acquire the classic cars of their ancestors to keep it as master piece and antique. Such cars once remained the best cars of era, similarly after few decades cars used by us will be considered as the classic cars by our future generations. Let’s have a look of 5 best cars which will be known as the future classic cars.

1. 2011 BMW 1-Series M

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10 Cool Classic Cars for Sizzling Summers

Sizzling summer becomes rocking when you are cruising in a classic car. People like to enjoy summers by driving their collectibles. Some want to make most out of their holidays by adding a classic car to their collection, go on an adventure with family or friends and participate in fancy car rallies.

Cool Classic Cars

Whether you are a teen, a sports lover, budget crazy or have a family, here are our 10 cool classic cars that can take you to the world of adventures.

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History of the Corvette

History of the Corvette

The Corvette is primarily a sports car that was first launched by Chevrolet. This is possibly what makes the Chevrolet Corvette so incredibly famous because of the fact that it is a sports car. Also relevant to this quality of the Corvette is the fact that there have been generations of this car which also go on to indicate how valuable the car actually is. In every generation of the car, better qualities are developed on, some new qualities are added and this is how the Corvette has come down to become one of the most popular sports cars of all times.

Photo by ayuen

The car was first built in Flint located in Michigan. Since then the car has undergone a whole lot of changes. So popular has been the demand for the Chevrolet Corvette that even a museum has been built called the National Corvette Museum which has recorded all the developments that seems to have taken place in the history of the Corvette. That possibly even makes it all the more valuable and important because the corvette definitely has its very own dedicated customer base who swears by this car because of its use and efficiency.

So far there has been six generations of Corvette and they are referred to as the C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6 generations. In every generation some change seems to have been brought about which has just added to the overall convenience and popularity of the car. A lot actually goes into making the Corvette as popular as it is today. People function in teams to ensure that excellent types of motor parts and technicalities are implemented to make the Corvette and extremely amazing type of vehicle. Different types of work forces and even ideas have come together to improve the Corvette over several generations of its making.

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