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Lexus with Their New Consumers System
0 comments, 18/05/2010, by in Auto News, Lexus

Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride Lexus has created their new consumers system to co-star along with their newly produced, interactive movie. The launch of this new advertising campaign has been with high-def interactive movie called the “Dark Ride”. This is a film that is celebrating the presence... Read more...

The Lexus New Hybrid Hatchback
0 comments, 16/02/2010, by in Auto News, Lexus

Hybrid Hatchback The CT200h is the brand new Lexus hybrid hatchback that is going to be compact as well as going to bring in greater competence in many ways. This car would be featured in its glory in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show which is going to take place coming month. This car is now b... Read more...