Lexus announces two new vehicles

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At the 2014 Beijing Automotive International Exhibition with the addition of two exhaust ...
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How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor for You

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When it comes to learning to drive, it’s important that you choose a driving instructor who’s best suited to you. There are many ways ...
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The Best BMW Models Of All Time: Which One Will Yo...

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BMW have been at the forefront of popular motoring for many years, and although there is some stiff competition around these days, this manufacturer still ...
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BMW attends the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in ...

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The BMW Group has earned a very distinctive position in the automotive industry as the world’s leading car manufacturer with innovative in-car developments. With these ...
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BMW has Hired Frank Weber of General Motors

This is the era of strategic war; small firms as well as multinational companies work out to beat their competitors and try to dominate others with the help of expertise, in order to create an edge over rivals. Automotive industry is that industry where level of competition is bit high as compare to other industries; automobile companies introduce vehicles with brilliant features by using the state-of-the-art technology to attract maximum number of customers.

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5 Innovations That Leads to Greener Cars

Greener Cars

Almost all of us are quite happy with the trend of hybridization which is very hot into the auto markets nowadays but let me tell you there is much more to come and the auto developers are really busy to bring some more goodness into the trend of hybrid cars.

Photo By RichKD Rich

The electric cars are not just the end, the auto makers are ensuring that there is lot more to come for the electric cars, may be at some time the wires gets vanished and you can get the car recharge from some other source.

Here in this article I am going to discuss some of the concepts that are running in the auto industry and if get finalized then they can bring more goodness into the trend of green cars.

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The New Milton Keynes Plans

The road map for electric cars in Milton Keynes has just been released. The Milton Keynes Council and the Renault Nissan Alliance has been bringing some of the most incredible benefits through their reached agreement.

Photo by cliff1066

There has been mutual consultation on how zero emission cars can be brought to the mainstream and how increasing their usage would be able to solve several global problems. There have been several agreements made according to the choices of the council’s Low Carbon Living target. This is a wonderful aim to bring Milton Keynes in the forefront along with some of the most incredible creations of network vehicles with recharging points along the country side.

The new sets of road maps along with the newly framed infrastructure of Borough are bringing new results and defining counsels in the issue. There have been differing agreements according to the low carbon living aims. These are supposed to meet the national as well as the international levels of aims. There are proper recharging points given to people who come across through this way of living. Milton Keynes had even signed up with Joined-Cities Plan along with a formation of a new carbon emission conscious and controlling group. These have been funded through the Government plans.

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BYD and Volkswagen Join Hands to Introduce Electric Cars

Electric VehicleChinese automaker BYD and Volkswagen have paired up to produce some really exceptional sort of electric cars and other vehicle with li-ion batteries in the coming days. During the last week, a memorandum of understanding has been signed by both these companies. Wang Chuanfu from BYD and Martin Winterkorn from Volkswagen were the people who signed that MOU in Wolfsburg Germany.

In a statement, Volkswagen Technical Development Board member says in this connection: “In the coming days, electric vehicles and Hybrids are going to play an important role and it’s especially true about the Chinese market and with the help of our potential partners like BYD, we can definitely succeed to expand our activities in the country.”

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Futuristic View of Electric Car

fisker karma sThe electric car is yet to come but this yet to be invented machine has already stirred in a string of questions. There are various queries and doubts about the yet to be invented electric car that remain unanswered.

However, it is the looks of this electric car that continue to be the most common topics of discussion and speculation. With so many car designers already rocking the market, it is obvious that the electric car will have various versions. Every designer has it’s own idea as regards the looks of the electric car.

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