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Top 5 Fuel Economy Cars

Fuel Economy Cars

Here are about several cars today that bring us comfort as well as safety. These have been built in terms of right order of fuel economy, giving us shelter and enjoyment while we drive. There have been test drivers as well as pleasant fuel economy cars that can bring some of the most prominent presents to our lists. This is all about the crème-de-la-crème of car driving. They have fuel saving economy and bring in a host of help with these savings. Fuel economy cars at their best, on being listed, can bring some of the most helpful savings and economical value for any person. This is kind of pleasant for car buyers to know that they will get the right car and the right economic fuel value and saving through any of the following cars.

 sPhoto by MRTW426

The best fuel economy cars can be classified as follows:

Ford Focus:

EPA city or highway with a great mileage to bring in. It is an automatic car with some of the greatest imports to be experienced through domestic parts. There is no co-incidence to the high rate of fuel economy that can come to Focus with some of the larger and greater designs coming along with the Ford European division. This is really important for economical trails along with comparison to Japanese compacts this also feels an ideal and great model to enjoy. The Focus has great fuel economy along with cheap and easy to buy overall package.

 sPhoto by yannickminet

Honda Fit:

This is a car with highway mileage and is an automatic Sport with automatic base. The fit is really one of those with several minicars to hit the American as well as Canadian streets in terms of recent months. These have been really important for the few driving as well as divvying space between front seats as well as back seats and the cargo bay. These are thoughtful engineering with Fit gobs of interior space along with inclusion of room meant for taller drivers. The back seats and cargo bay can be some of the most excellent fuel economy cars that can be found in the market right now.

 sPhoto by Mollycoddled

Honda Civic:

This is one of the EPA city highway mileage cars with manual or automatic hybrid features. It is great with very little gasoline needed for making it work in top condition. It is not like most other Honda cars but then it also ties with the MINI Cooper in terms of high fuel economical power. It is full of complements from safety features with hybrid versions of the Civic working greatly with the super-green Civic GX that runs on natural gas. It in fact requires no gasoline at all, if you come to think of it. It is an amazing feat considering all the high power features that come with full body components. It has got wide interior space and room too.

 sPhoto by krispyfreak

Mercedes Benz E320 BLUETEC:

This is one of the most prominent diesel powered cars along with passenger cars being sold through the US. Some people would find diesel smelling and offending but then everyone in US gets the chance to test drive it well enough before deciding what can be done for it. It has got 3 liter V6 with powerplant E320 BLUETEC that is offering passing of power of a V8 with fuel economy. This is going to be a big thing with luxurious and powerful branding. It brings some slow smoke and fume but overall it is great with less demand for diesel powered cars in the country. It is empowered with 3 liter V6 engine along with E320 BLUETEC offers that come with the passage of a powerful fuel economy.

 sPhoto by zwanzig


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David Drift says in November 19th 2009 at 2:33 am    

Its one of the reasons why i bought ford focus, because its fuel consumtion, thats how i consider a luxury or luxematic car, got a good looking car without having to worry about spending too much on its fuel.

Gibbon says in November 19th 2009 at 3:56 am    

In this period of recession its wise to have a fuel economy car.

suzi says in November 19th 2009 at 5:08 am    

I just converted my NISSAN GT-R to CNG and I’m real pleased with it.

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