• June 20, 2012

1.0L ECOBoost Engine Won International Engine of the Year Award

Ford is a leading automobile manufacturer that often gives surprises by introducing state-of-the-art car equipped with best-in-class features and powerful engines. Recently its 1.0L ECOBoost Engine has been named as the International Engine of the Year 2012. This ground breaking engine will also be equipped in an upcoming range of new Ford Vehicles. ECOBoost technology is famous in making engines fuel-efficient and eco-friendly and same we expect from new Ford Vehicles that will be launched later this year.

Setting New Standards

Ford Vice President of Global Powertrain Joe Bakaj said, “We set the bar incredibly high when we set out to design this engine. We wanted to deliver eye-popping fuel economy, surprising performance, quietness and refinement – and all from a very small three-cylinder engine. The team responded to this seemingly impossible challenge with some really exciting innovation. The result is a game changer for gas engines globally.”

Small But Powerful Engine

1.0L ECOBoost Engine is small but powerful 3-cylinder engine, this is the first time in past 13 years that Ford won an award in the category of powerful and fuel-efficient engine provider. Slavnich of Engine Technology International said, “For a three-cylinder to power a vehicle like the Ford Focus with such ease proves the future is very, very bright for the internal combustion engine. Power, response and very good real-world fuel consumption figures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this engine and what it offers drivers today. Well done, Ford!”

Extremely Fuel Efficient

In Europe, this ECOBoost Engine will be introduced in upcoming C-MAX and B-MAX vehicles. New 100PS Focus powered by 1.0L ECOBoost Engine can achieve estimated fuel efficiency of 58.9mpg on the highway and emit only 109g/Km of Co2. You will be surprised to know that initially above 4700 people ordered Ford Focus just because of this performance oriented ECOBoost Engine.

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