• March 19, 2013

10 Ever Best Tips To Own a New Car in 2013

new carThere is definitely nothing better than having a personal vehicle, especially a car that saves you from the hustle and bustle of public transport, increasing fares and offer you a convenient and safe journey. Though, having a personal car/vehicle is a very good thing but unfortunately the process of buying a car in these days is quite tricky. It is very difficult to deal with professional car sellers because they are fully aware how to convince a buyer. Following are 10 very good and effective tips to own a new car.

1. Consider Your Budget

The most important thing for purchasing a new car is your budget determination. This will help you in choosing different car models comes under the range of your determined budget. Make a complete market search for all latest and a year or two old models that lie in your range and then choose the one that suits your needs.

2. Find Out The Invoice Cost

This is the most important thing that a buyer must know as it is the real key to buy a new car at a good price. The invoice cost is the amount that is paid by the dealer for a car that is comparatively low from the price offered by the dealer to a customer. Once you find out the invoice cost you will then able to negotiate the price confidently.
It is not a difficult task because anyone can simply get updates about the prices of different new car models. You can simply get all the information by calling to the “Consumer Reports New Car Price Service”. They will send you a complete report via fax in just $12 features all the important information including the invoice cost, the price, incentives and packages offered by dealer to customers and the incentives and packages offered by the car manufacturing company to the dealer.

3. Consider all the rebates and discounts

There are some rebates and discounts that are offered by an automaker to its customers. Some of them are offered to all buyers while some other are just offered to a particular class of buyers like former or current military personnels, members of certain stores and credit unions, students and others. For a profitable new car shopping, it is important to know your discounts as these are guaranteed savings that help you in further negotiation.

4. Bargaining

Many people feel hesitation in breaking down the price but this is the way to make you able to make a profitable car shopping. The price tag and invoice cost will make you able to negotiate the price with the dealer with confidence. Your confidence will make your dealer convincing on a reasonable price with low profit margin. Tell your dealer that you have all the information about the market and prices and then ask him for a price with low markup rate. During bargaining never lose your temper and also consider the supply of the car because of a car with low supply and high demand you may have to pay without negotiation.

5. Consider different dealers

For a profitable new car shopping, it is important to have different options. Never stick with one dealer because the dealer will then refuse to negotiate. If you have two or three options you can simply visit them and after negotiation can choose the one offering the best price with low markup rate.

6. Show Patience

Never deal a car buying process with false urgency because this will cost you high. Be patient while shopping for a new car move slowly to get good deals. When you feel pressure with a dealer simply leave the place and hold your shopping for another day.

7. Perfect time to shop

The selection of a time for shopping a new car is also very important because it can affect the price. In the beginning of a month, usually dealers demanding high prices as they have a long month ahead to achieve their monthly sales task however at the end of the month they offer comparatively low prices and are ready to negotiate the price because they have a short time left to achieve their monthly sales target.

8. Ask for the Test Drive

While purchasing a new car, ask your dealer for a test drive and consider each and everything while you drive from the firmness and comfort of the seats to the noise and handling of the car. If you think the time is short to test the car thoroughly, you can simply ask for more time.

9. Never trade in your old car as part of the deal

If you are planning to sell your old car then it is good to sell it privately instead of trading in it as a part of the process of buying a new car. It is because negotiating is quite easy as compared to get a good trade in value.

10. Eliminate Extras

Once you finalize a deal or price, the dealer will offer you a bunch of extra coverages, insurance and extended warranty of the car and of different parts of the car. Being a wise car buyer, you must have to say “No” to every option because this will cost you high as compared to the future benefits.

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