• March 19, 2011

10 Tips to Sell Your Car

Sell your Car

If you are looking for a new car and want to get rid of old one, better sell it. Selling is an art, be careful in deals so that you get the right price for you car. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid mistakes while selling your car.

1. Legal Compulsions

Before making your car ready for sale, make sure that you have all the legal documents of cars i.e. its registration file, insurance papers and in case you bought it from any bank on lease, all the documents that shows the record of payment of installments. All these documents will help to clear the ambiguities of the buyers and he/she will take less time to finalize the deal with you. Above all you might get the proper price of you car. Most of the people forget to complete the required documents, hence suffer a lot at the time of deal.

2. Do not Involve Dealer

Try to avoid the dealers if you want to get the right price for your used car. Dealers most of the times are unable to satisfy a person in terms of money worth for car. One thing you should keep in mind that by involving a dealer in the sale’s deal of 2nd hand car, you might get the lower price for your vehicles, than you expectations.

3. Sell Online

On-line selling is the best option to sell the used cars. eBay is the well known site, which you can trust to sell your car. It makes a connection among buyers and sellers and one can make a bid for the cars online. On-line selling of cars helps to get the appropriate price. Secondly it is the fastest way to sell the car, especially for whose who are interested to sell their cars as soon as possible.

4. First Impression is the Last Impression

The common mistake most of the people commit is that they show the dirty car to interested parties. It leaves a bad impact of your car (and you as well). Better send your car to service station before showing it other people.

5. Give Attractive Description of Your Car

If you are planning to give add in newspapers or online, compose an attractive add. Add should present the attractive description of your car so that people take interest to contact you for a deal.

6. Use Eye-Catching Photos of Your Car

Advertisement really matters, especially when it comes to second hand cars. Be sure that you are using the eye catching photos of your cars that are attractive enough to appeal people

7. Right Car at Right Time

Time matters a lot. Do not set your cars to sale’s deal at the end of month as most of the people run out of cash that time. Initial first days of month are more appropriate if you like to sell your car urgently.

8. Be Fair

Do not boast about the working, mileage or condition of your cars. Try to be as fair as possible.

9. Meet with good attitude

Your attitude matters more than your car. If you meet with the client with good attitude, he/she will think hundred times before rejecting the deal. Try to be lively with your clients and if someone visits your home to view the car to be sold, offer tea or cold drink and show your hospitality. He/she might not like your car but there are possibilities that he/she might recommend your car to the siblings.

10. Don’t Be Panic

It takes time to sell a car especially if you want to get the price you desire out. Do not be panic and have patience. Otherwise you might not be able to get appropriate money value of car that it worth.

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