• September 29, 2009

10 Used Cars Under $10,000

Used Cars

Some of the best emergency buys are those that come at low end prices. They have some great reduction rates for serving you for a limited time if be it! There are those low end priced cars that you can get for as low as $10,000. The recently surveyed best choices have the cars as mentioned below. The recent crunch available will definitely give you a good pick up. The 215 contenders on the survey bring you some great insights on what can be achieved from such cars.

Used CarsAnyone looking for great models to buy at low prices should go by the popular statements and take the best picks near around. Obviously, each car would be very different to handle and any individual model must be checked around very well. Things like gas mileage, cabin comfort as well as driving refinement are quite important coming with these aspects. Aspects like gas mileage, cabin comfort and also fine driving experiences are also included to be checked in the survey. Safety measures have all been tested and scored out with listing of different criteria being placed under their belt.

When faced with the true facts of nature, it gets revealed that a lot of people cannot bring about the constant monthly payments for bringing a great car home. People have plenty of everyday needs and yet wheels become one of the most essential needs as well. Cheap second hand cars that will serve for some good time are usually great for most people who want some good looking but even good mileage giving cars. However consulting a trusted mechanic is a must even with the most stable models for it is worthwhile to know the nooks and details of every car before investing in them.

The final result brings about the following cars on its top ten low end used cars:

1. 2005 Ford Focus:

This is a restyled version of 2005 Focus which has quite a swift glare to it and a great set of equipment call to it. At its best it is one of the most efficient cars that you would like to come across.

 sPhoto by b-ridge

It has got a great highway gas mileage and comes with some great recommendations for different kinds of people. There are many different aspects to this car that makes it quite a safe one to drive.

2. 2005 Ford Taurus:

It is quite a competitive new car that makes for great choices for most people. It is quite a trendsetter and brings about great choices with the wagon and sedan offer.

 sPhoto by resedabear

It comes with a generous cabin spacing as well where luggage and different reliable items can get in. It is also one of the safest cars to drive.

3. 2003 Mazda Protegé:

The 2003 Portege is a classic and makes for one of the top most buys in terms of having a remarkable impression with great handling performance and affable style sense as well.

 sPhoto by mattmcp

It is a 4-cylinder operator and brings some of the greatest mileage rates that one would encounter. This one is also quite a safe car to drive.

4. 2003 Mercury Sable:

This is a Merc that anyone can easily afford. Right after the Taurus, this is quite a great car that anyone would love to cherish. There are some really great standard antilock brakes that make for available pacing and side airbags.

 sPhoto by by cotigostar

These came about with installed 1/5th of the overall number of productions of 2003 stable. The stronger Duratec V-6 is all about upgraded looks.

5. 2002 Buick LeSabre:

This is a car that one can easily appreciate second hand if it has been treated in a standard and stable way. The car has high restraints and some of the greatest, classy standards.

There is an extended capacity and model to this system with rare as well as safe inputs to this. The models have quite a great front seating with crash test scores and reliability records that are high.

6. 2002 Chevrolet Impala:

This is a workaday sedan that is great with its super boasting stability and wonderful styling. The V-6s provide some of the greatest resonance from a car that you would like to see.

The overall mileage can max out in about low 20s with some of the budget scores that make for great family buys as well as base model options for high safety.

7. 2002 Ford Windstar:

This is a great minivan that can load up to about 7 people at one go. This calls for plenty of interior space and powerful drive that you would enjoy and cherish.

There are some really great parking sensors that work from the front seats and several other modern day adjustments that have come across really well.

8. 2002 Honda Accord:

This car has been quite an economical buy. It is stylish, roomy and quite a great design. This car always makes to one of the top choices among low end second hand cars.

 sPhoto by by Fundillo

It is easy to maintain and brings about some great reliable dependency while driving. The 4-cylinder engine brings about some of the greatest choices among different cars. One has all the reasons to be satisfied with this car.

9. 2002 Honda Civic:

The 2002 Honda Civic is really a great car that makes for an excellent second hand buy if it is in good order. There are many impressive features that come with its varied features and great reliability.

 sPhoto by by Steve Coulter Performance Cars

This brings about some of the greatest antilock brakes and anti-crash effects for any cars. There is the Pick the EX trim for varied options that come along with this car which makes it a very safe one to drive.

10. 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora:

This 2002 model brings about some of the most interesting features that used luxury cars can bring about for you. It has got several luxury features that make for a really interesting buy.

It is one of the best cars to come with safety features, great brakes and even leather upholstery to entice you. There is automatic climate control, electronic stability as well as powerful engineering coming to it.


  • WOW, These Luxury cars are certainly a dream of every one and as they are at low price, who will not enjoy driving these.

  • These cars are very cool and powerful , worth to buy

  • It would be nice to find a 02 Civic Type R 6 speed (#9)for under 10k.

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