• April 28, 2009

15 Ever Best Sports Cars

15 Ever Best Sports Cars

Best Sports Cars

During the past few decades a large number of sports cars have been produced by various automakers and car transport companies in almost every part of the world and it is, indeed, somewhat tough to decide what are the best sports cars of all time. Here is a list of 15 best sports cars of all the time. The list has been developed considering the power, innovative design and fastness of these cars. Let’s have a look what my 15 best ever picks have in them.

1. Ferrari 250 GTO

Many are of the view that the 250GTO was the best Ferrari ever produced; this exceptional sporty was launched in 1962. Design-wise it was a compact berlinetta and Giotto Bizzarrini was behind its concept. When it comes to performance, with its V12 3-liter engine it could produce 302hp and covered 0-60mph in just 6.1seconds.

Photo by Alex Windust

2. AC Cobra 427

It was Carroll Shelby who dreamed that car and AC, the British automaker was brought this dream into concrete form, but he was Shelby who named it Cobra. One interesting fact about the car was that it got its parts and accessories from different cars. The 427 was available with a 7-liter engine and could produce 425hp with 0-60mph acceleration of 4.2seconds.

Photo by By Lalogo.fr


3. Subaru Impreza STi

It was in 1993 when Subaru launched its Impreza that was a nice compact car indeed and got tremendous success in rally championship. In 1994 these guys came up with STi version with loads of improvements. The car had somewhat an immortal design of blue frame and gold colored wheels.

Photo by Stuart Axe

4. Porsche 911 GT3

The Porsche 911 got fifth position in a poll voted for the car of the century. The car was launched in 1963. Its GT3 version has been developed with light materials and it was available with 3.6-liter engine capable of 381 bhp and it could cover 0-60mph in just 4.0 seconds.

Photo by marknauta.nl

5. Pagani Zonda C12 S 7.3

It was in 1999 when Italian car maker Pagani started the production of their Zonda, only 10 units of this car are shipped each year. Carbon fiber is widely used material in various body parts of the Zonda and its C12 S version houses a 7.3-liter powerhouse.

Photo by ducthinhngo

6. Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33)

In Japan the Nissan Skyline is a well-known name for motor racing as well as street cars, because of its exceptional dominance, the vehicle was named as Godzilla. It’s GT-R version houses different racing accessories that became widely popular after its appearance in Gran Turismo. It housed the same 2.6liter engine that could be seen in the R32.

Photo by God_speed

7. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

This exceptional Mitsubishi has several titles under her belt in the World Rally Championship. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII carries the same look that we have seen in its first generation and it features a 2-liter engine that is capable of producing 400hp and it accelerates 0-60mph in 3.5 second.

Photo by eplusm

8. Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

Back in 1960, the DB4 GT was introduced by Aston Martin, a great overhauling was done of the Zagato model that featured a rounded long hood and it could accelerate 0-60mph in 6.1 sec.

Photo by jane_sanders


A racing prototype of BMW M3 GTR was created during 2001, it qualified as Gran Turismo car, but BMW also preferred to develop its street version. It has a clean design and features a 4-liter V 8cylinder engine that can produce 444bhp.

Photo by roberto_blank

10. Jaguar E-type Series 1

This was the vehicle that really revolutionized the development of sports cars with its flat floors, two seats and external hood.Photo by The Electrician

Photo by The Electrician

11. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

This is quite well-known as the fastest transmission car in the world and it has a nice crash structure, carbon fiber and impressive body panels. Mercedes SLR McLaren houses a SOHC V8 5.4-liter supercharged engine that is capable to produce 616bhp.

Photo wikimedia.org

12. Lamborghini DiabloAn

Italian automaker introduced this car in 1990, and many celebrities played an important role in its popularity as they acquired that vehicle. It houses a 5.7-liter engine that is capable to produce 492 bhp.

Photo by Stephen Hayes

13. Dodge Viper GTS

There are a considerable number of people who have been dreaming about this nice car, its two white stripes serve as its trademark and it covers 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds.

Photo by TGIGreeny

14. Bugatti Veyron

The other included in the list are classic, Bugatti Veyron has an exception, but somewhat more than a classic that houses an 8-liter 16 cylinder engine and that can produce 987hp. It covers 0-60mph in 2.46 seconds.

Photo By ミαĹ7ãŶèŖ彡 ℜℜℜ

15. Chevrolet Corvette 1968 L88

1968 Chevrolet Corvette L88 has a nice aggressive and robust look. This great beast can consume 7-liter and produces 460 hp in return.  With its impressive looks and exceptional, It’s indeed, a ruler in the world of sports car today.



  • What a nice listing of amazing cars! The technology has grown literally hieghts and the car makers have created some amazing pieces. Who wouldn’t like to drive one of those lovely charming rolling wheels!

  • extremely great list it could be if Cobra GT500 (Ford) was included in it 🙁

  • For me i like Nissan Skyline GT-R and Dodge Viper

  • Menacing. Looks like one hell of rides if u got the big cash 😀

  • What a dissappointing list. The Suburu Impreza and EVO do NOT belong on this list. They belong in the lame fast and cheap jap car tuner list. There are a number of other well qualified salons that belong there including the M5, the Z4 M, and the Lotus Elise.

  • I couldn’t agree with HelloSport More.

  • I love the list. You have it down pretty perfectly from where I stand. Good job. Big thumbs up.

  • btw C3 corvette is more of a muscle car. sports car is a car that can handle curves as well.

  • perfect list!!!!!!!!

  • awesome list.cant agree more than that.
    just that subaru and lancer evo dont belong to this list.
    may be koenigsegg with its stunning design and power or even a lotus would have been gr8.
    anyway thumbs up for the list

  • There is but one great sportscar: The venerable Porsche 911.

    40+ years of improving perfection–a seemingly impossible feat, yet Porsche does it year in and year out.

    No sweeter sound then the howl of that flat-six bellowing behind you. GLORIOUS!

    Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, simply the best car one can buy.

    Silly lists are for losers. The Truth is found in the Porsche 911.

  • Although I think Chevy Camaro could be classified under muscle cars, they are one of my fave sports cars. They look good and had some torque. I think I liked them mostly because as a teenager, I could actually afford one =)


  • This list is not very well done… For starters the Subie and the Evo are great cars but are really far from belonging here, the Skyline should be R32 or R34, the R33 was a huge disappoiment, other minor changes should be, change the diablo for a miura SV, the viper gts for a ACR… and if u want jap sports put a 240Z…

  • hey dude what an amazing list!!!!
    but i do think that for me the greatest sports car ever is the greatest of all “PORCHE 911 GT3” WHAT AN CAR MAN

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