• March 22, 2011

15 Tips to Keep a Car in Better Condition

Keep Car in Better Condition

Car is a precious asset. Value it, if you want a smooth drive and better resale value of your car. Following tips will help you to check the proper maintenance of your car and keep it in better working condition.

1. Avoid long routes

Avoid taking your car for long trips. When car is used for long distance drive, its wear and tear cost also increases. In other words, depreciation cost adds to the total cost of cars as the mileage of car raises. Prefer to use rental car for long distance drive. This point is particularly important for those people who often sell out their cars after few years with the intention to replace it with new model. Keep this point in mind, if you want to get the better resale value of car.

2. Proper tuning is must

Send your car to service station on every weekend. Proper tuning of car is very important. Make sure that person at car station check all the parts. This will assure you that your car is in proper working condition.

3. Keep your car clean

A part from proper service of car, keep the car clean on your part.

4. Avoid scorching sunlight

Never park your car in gazing sunlight; scorching sunlight badly affects the shade of car. Prefer to park in shady areas.

5. Keep away from excessive moist

Rust is the greatest enemy of car. Metallic body of cars can not tolerate too much rust. This caution should be taken by the person who lives in cold climate areas.

6. Avoid eatables in car

Remember that your car is not an eating place. Avoid eating in the car and make your car a smoke free zone. Its ashes can damage the seat and other material of car. On the other side, from the perspective of health, smoking inside the car is not fine.

7. Follow the manual

In order to maintain the engine, follow the manual guide. Every manual of car describes the proper way to clean the engine.

8. Use recommended engine oil

Engine oil lubricates it for better functioning. Use proper oil as mentioned in the manual. Never get fascinated with the advertisements of different oils. Remember that your engine work best with the oil mentioned in the manual. In case you bought a second hand car whose manual is not available, ask from renowned technicians.

9. Be the engineer

You must be the engineer of your own car. Being a driver and owner of car, know how about the car is must. It is important because incase your car do not function properly and get struck at a place where you find no one. In such situation you can diagnose and solve the problem to some extent.

10. Keep tool kit in car

Tool Kit inside the car is must-have. Make sure that the tool box contains all the tools necessary to handle the situations of emergency.

11. Keep a spare tire

Always keep a spare tire in car. Before setting out, check that the spare tire is available.

12. Turn on AC for few mins in winter

Turn the air conditioner of car for 5-10 mins in winter season. It will help to lubricate it and when you will use it in summers, it will function properly.

13. Check the air pressure and brake oil before drive

Before taking your car for drive, check the air in the tires as well as brake oil. It is vital for your safety.

14. Wax for shine

For a shiny look, wax your car twice a year with high quality wax.

15. Replace the automatic transmission fluid

When your car reaches to mileage of 36,000 miles, replace the automatic transmission fluid.

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