• July 14, 2009

1,500 fps Video Straight from German Grand Prix

German Grand PrixFormula 1 is a really fast game and yet it can be seen in slow motion at 1500fps. This can be a really cool alternative to watch this game. Right after the jump start this slow moving game is definitely a great thing to watch.

There is a lot of stress in watching the speedy exertions of these fast moving cars but they can be actually more fun when you watch them in slow motion. The F1 can have barrel around corners with 1500 fps which can look like they are coming apart at any time when they are in slow motion.

The first video is all about slow motion power play and you can gain more insight into the game by savoring it piece by piece. The second video gives you the ability to understand the techniques of circuit. So the second and third parts of the video works through the sectors that really make you understand what the intricate motions involved in the game.

Source: autoblog

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