• August 23, 2009

1989 Ford Dealer Training Films

1989 Ford DealerThere is a priceless thing about a 1989 Ford dealer and when you can uncover some of the training videos of the Ford models, you are in for a real treat! These videos offer priceless value to timeless amazing pieces.

You will remember something of a hilarious scene from Robocop that recall the 80s masterpiece moments of typographical action. There has never been greater amusement from movies of that era than Detroit buddies being thrashed by the ruthless Clarence Boddiker or the amazing performance from Dick Jones.

But this largely came as an underlying social satire which totally slammed the privatized health care and the rest of society’s upholding of fervent fights.

The entire script including the Jensen Sport model heart was a unique attack to what society was digging. This was indeed a kind of mockery of the rich and the sardonic kind However if one digs deeper, one gets to understand some of the sources of inspiration for these gags. Sarcasm writers know very well that half of the population does not get wit no matter what the age is.

This was proved evidently through the videos of Ford. They clearly got the idea from Robocop and missed the sarcasm altogether. Watching the promotional videos of Festiva, Escort and Crown Victoria really does let you into the thick of how sarcasm could not be understood but propagated by ones who were even being gagged at!

Source: autoblog

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