• September 2, 2009

2009 BMW Vision

2009 BMW VisionThe latest in the empowering line of BMW choices has diesel electric powered 2009 BMW vision working with its EfficientDynamics concept. The line has been released with huge expectations, rightfully brought through the BMW new concept. Its radical rear tail lamp has been set forth under strict supervision of the new visioning concept.

The Frankfurt showcasing had been close in resembling the 2008 concept of the BMW line. That was quite less radical compared to the current one with the new concepts coming from BMW Vision EfficientDynamics program. The design comes with a worthy GNA concept. The current body is built of an X5 feature that had 2 liter twin turbodiesel with 204 hp and a 15 KW electric motor.

It is a grand sportscar with the exact limiting seating of 2+2 seater arrangement. It has been rated 0.22 with its aerodynamic CX drag that works in coefficient manner. The 0.22 figure is one of the best that could be achieved with the required amount of smoothness and air flapping. There are several body elements which work with air deflection and guide vanes just like A-pillar forms. The underbody is also made of a smoothing cover.

 SCredit: paultan.org

BMW developed its concept with the new BMW M Car that had some emotional variations to its character as well as engineering. The fuel economy as well as the carbon emission control was all high with some rather premium sides to the character of small cars being present in it. The KERS like hybrid electric car has high power geared motor assistance. The future of M cars like these, originating from the premium class, would be something really interesting to come by.

 sCredit: paultan.org

The 1st of modern tri-cylinder engines is one of the greatest things to come here in a long time. It also has a 1.5 interlining and a mated dual electric motor coming along with it.

Source: paultan.org


  • This BMW M concept car looks awesome! The design and colors are out of this world. I hope this sporst car comes to market soon.

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