• July 16, 2009

2009 Honda Fit

2009 Honda FitThe 2009 Honda Fit is an incredibly affordable and subcompact car. It is super flexible with nimble handling and careful features. It makes for a great and economical car. It is higher in price than most models of the Honda type.

Among its best virtues it is wider and longer than most Hondas. It has a great fit, awesome interior space and can be dealt with sharper handling. It has some really cool enhanced features. It has a powerful engine and has good safety emphasis for it.

On an overview it happens to be one of the most sought after cars for 2009. Car enthusiasts have been rather heavy with it. It has got great phrases coming for it all along. It did not turn out to be one of the expected great cars like Nissan GT-R, Camaro and Danica Patrick. 2009 was nearly taken over by the Honda Fit.

Normal car shoppers might not be interested in the Fit with the entry-level model being introduced just two years back. But this soon became a great hit with the GT-R becoming cooler as well. However this car never lost its popularity. It trumped as one of the supercars of everyone’s day dreams. It however has a pricey unit to it with its $54 a gallon fuel charges that is consumed by it everyday.

Global Positioning System

There is a still a lot of hype for this car with its spunky and spirited nature. There are lots of plans to improve the car with its 4.2 inch longer than previous model. It has enhanced body structure with super benefits like suspension and great engineering efforts working towards it make it a really special car. It has got crash safety units. Honda has really focused to improve on this feature after a lot of work that seems to come new with it.

Great Engineering Efforts Working

The extra lengths provided by the car have room for everyone to stretch and relax a lot. The fold down seats also offers a lot to the passengers with telescoping steering as well as other interesting additions. Its stability control also gives a lot of good hype for it. It comes with high up put cushions with crew-cab and creates a tall cargo as well. One can thus enjoy the car in a lot of ways as it is.

Fit Big Luggage Space

The hood has a 4-door hatchback underneath with a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine to it. The model for this year has thus been improved with the new version of i-VTEC or the variable valve timing. There is no higher horse power or a better EPA either. There is an overall drivability that keeps the car going to a power and speed.

Honda Fit Great Back Look

In a nutshell the 2009 Honda is going to be impressive with all its beautiful features and competitive nature. The Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Versa and Scion X-D have all been beaten in its high run for competition. The Fit has extended to the lifestyles of different layers of society establishing it as a very coveted car among many.


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