• July 8, 2009

2009 Toyota 4Runner Sport

Toyota 4Runner SportThe new Toyota Runner Sport stands out with charm among rest of the midsize SUVs. It gives a better fuel economy system than most V6 engines. It is all up for providing you a comfortable ride and gives you shifting pattern gears. The 5 speed gear box brings out a smooth performance for the car. It is intelligent in this regard and brings out an experience that you would treasure.

The owners get to love the cozy interiors immediately. The 3rd rowing seat is suitable for your yoga stretches while if you want to stretch further during a long journey you can always pull out the backseat. All these features make this SUV a wonderful stretchable type.

Toyota’s 4Runner was initially launched in 1984. The original 4Runner was more compact and more affordable compared to its sibling car Land Cruiser. However with further improvisation the 4Runner proved to be more and more efficient. It became rugged and tough. It even got a high reputation for being ultra durable. Both on and off the road the 4Runner gained a steady market for itself. It became more than a pick-up truck with its fiberglass shell.

2009 Toyota 4Runner Sport

The 90s saw a huge lot of SUVs coming to the market. So there came more models in Toyota’s line up of 4Runner’s SUVs. It increased in its accessories as well as price. Its body on frame construction also came to be highly applauded and especially because of its old school charms. It completely began to be set aside from the usual midsized SUVs and moved into crossover territories.

 4Runner Sport

The midsize 4Runner then came in 3 trim levels: SR5, Sport Edition and Limited Edition. These trims came in dual engine option with a base 4.0 liter V6engine. It put out a horsepower of 236 and also 266 pound feet of torque. If the 4.7 liter V8 made 260 hp then it would come to be 306 pound feet of torque. These transmissions and rear wheel drive made across for standard trims and a 4 wheel drive option. The Sport Edition was 4×2 trim with burly V6 and an observed 20 mpg on the highway. This edition is fully loaded to provide great camping gears and even bikes on roof. This SUV works very well on cities as well as highways with an economy of 18 mpg overall.

2009 4Runner Sport

The Sport Edition also gives you the benefits of roof racks, side steps as well as foglights. They are an overall big appearance package. The front brakes allow 17 inch alloy wheels and an X-REAS suspension system. This reduces body roll in turns. The Limited edition is also one of the best models to come across with premium features added to it. There are leather seating arrangements, dual climate control system and a CD changer. The latest of all electronic gizmos are to be found here while there are plenty of widgets to be explored and set up here as well. Downhill Assist Control also keeps modulation of brakes in favor while maintaining a smooth descent. Hill Start Assist Control brings out the SUV from rolling backwards.

Toyota 4Runner

This comes as a big difference to the X-REAS with standard Sport trim level options. The base is SR5 and has a high zoot limit. X-REAS actually stand for Diagonally Linked Relative Absorption System while the X means “cross linked” the RE is “relative”.

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