• April 8, 2010

2010 American Honda Motorsports Strategy

As the years go by and markets keep changing, companies constantly need to reinvent their strategies, sometimes merely giving them cosmetic changes, sometimes rethinking how to look at the game.

Photo by OnCam Photography

Honda has a good reputation all over the world, and in the United States as well, the brand is well known and respected. Now, when one thinks Honda, one thinks bikes.

And not just any kind of motorbikes; specifically, racing bikes.
So, in the year 2010, Honda Performance Development (HPD) and American Honda announced a new strategy to reinforce the notion that their bikes are not just safe, but also great fun to ride. This strategy will be implemented in such a way as to satisfy all kinds of customers, ranging from the ones who look for durability and fuel-efficiency in bikes, to the ones who want to jump on a sleek bike and zoom off into the distance.

Therefore, while one part of the strategy intends to focus on factors such as quality and dependability, the other part will focus on promoting motor-sports to keep reminding people that Honda equals speed equals fun. Some of their initiatives to do with racing are, selling the L15A7 engine with FF upgrade kits, selling performance bike-parts, and publicizing the Honda Racing Line.

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