• November 15, 2010

2010 BMW X6 Active Hybrids: A Closer Look

2010 BMW X6

BMW is very busy nowadays, not only in the development of new models for the future but also in announcing its lavishing future plans that are going to get completed in the next 2-3 years. The company’s announcement for the future products is so amazing that the people are just getting extra crazy to get those cars in their hands.

According to different news media, BMW is planning for a change in almost every series they have previously announced and along with that some new and exciting models are also on their way to the international auto-markets.

Here I am going to discuss the latest hybrid version of the 2010 BMW X6 which is also among those fantastic models that the company has announced in its future products. This model has been claimed to be one of the most powerful hybrid models ever produced that is also combined with an awesome style and looks.

BMW has worked really well in improving the performance of the car especially in terms of its mileage of this car. This car could be called as the perfect model for those people who are looking for a luxury, carrying the environment friendly capabilities. Let’s discuss this model some more deeply so as to see if it is really a supermodel or not.

2010 BMW X6 Performance:

The performance of this model has really got a booster in the form of 4.4-liter, 32-valve V-8 piezo direction fuel injection engine with TwinPower turbo technology that brings the horsepower up to 480 and the 570 lb-ft of torque. A very good thing about the engine of this model is that the engine is itself a very great fuel saver. The hybrid side of this model is powered by nickel met hydride battery and a CVT transmission.

The X6 has the power to take you from 0-60mph in just 5.2 seconds and this is truly amazing for a vehicle that weighs 5,700 lb. The electric only mode of this model can provide up to 1.6 miles of range at the speed up to 37mph.

Some of the other features that boost up the power include: 7-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Adaptive Transmission Control (ATC), Sport and steptronic Manual shift modes, and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. So overall it can be said that the technologies and the internal specifications of this model have really worked for enhancing the performance.

2010 BMW X6 Safety:

In terms of its Safety this one is really a supermodel that brings truly amazing safety along with the ultimate luxury. Just like the other models it comes with the driver’s and passenger’s front airbags but here it is mixed up with advance technologies like: dual-threshold, dual-stage deployment; and front-passenger seat sensors designed to prevent unnecessary airbag deployment.

Just for the safety of driver it also features the front and rear compartment head protection system (HPS) with the front side-impact airbags. Along with this it carries 3-point safety belts and head restraints at all seating position so overall we can say that this car has assured this much safety that now you can get the complete protection no matter what is the status of crash.

2010 BMW X6 Interiors:

The true luxury of this model comes out when you look at the interiors of this car. The front seat console of the car comes with armrest, storage compartment and auxiliary input, while it also features the split-folding rear seats. The ash grain wooden interior trim adds up a real style and looks to the interiors. Some of the other feature which makes the interior side more attractive include: Nappa Leather upholstery, dashboard, center console and upper door panel (requires multi-contour front seats), fully finished cargo area, 4-way adjustable power lumbar support for front seats and some others.

2010 BMW X6 Specifications:

  1. Engine: 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V-8
  2. Nominal output/rpm: 400/5500-6400 hp
  3. Maximum torque/rpm: 450/1750-4500 lb-ft
  4. Top speed: 130 mph
  5. Acceleration  0-60 mph: 5.4 se
  6. Fuel Consumption City/Highway: 17/19
  7. Approx. Tank Capacity: 22.5
  8. Tire dimensions and type – Standard: 275/40 front, 315/35 rear run-flat
  9. Wheel dimensions / material – Standard: 20×10 front, 20×11 rear/light alloy
  10. Brakes, front / rear: 15.1/13.6 inch

Thus overall we can say that this new model is really a blusterous release from BMW’s side which is a beautiful blend of style and capabilities.

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