• March 31, 2009

2010 Ford Mustang GT

2010_ford_mustang_gt12The elegant car has been given its unmatched looks by defining lines and broad curves. Adding up to the charisma, are slight crease and a more rounded back portion which makes the car look wider yet accommodating.

It somewhat looks a little bit more elongated than ought to be, but then it has the American spirit in it. The back portion is a bit uplifted comparing to the front which looks somewhat declined.

More beauty is added with the tail lamps mustering up 3 lights flashing in sequence. The headlamps however, carry resemblance to those of the upcoming Camaro.

From the internal, the car continues to carry its divine style. It is relatively spacious, well integrated interior goes with the defining lines on the exterior. The seats are stitched with fine touches and create an atmosphere of refinement with accurately proportional door panels.


Its dashboard too has soft edges, and nothing sharp is there to make an arrogant statement. The central console is clasped by plastic with a symmetrical layout of buttons.


There are superb operational gadgets like a touch screen of exclusive quality, and reversing camera image, bright enough for an accurate night vision with range options. Sound quality of stereo, climate control contains big and simple easy to operate buttons, top quality map resolution, and power windows, all are holding remarkable styling.


Apart from the gadget, the interior is on the whole very impressive and captivating. The steering wheel is bigger with a large logo in the center. There also are a few buttons on the internal structure of the steering wheel.


The cup holders are having a uniquely new addition with them that is they are coming with lid. They are integrated with tiny lights, capable of holding 2 large size drinks, these illuminate from the side to which the car is turning so the driver may become alert.


A 12 volt charger is there too to allow charging a mobile handset especially if you are on a long journey on your brand new Mustang. The handset can be placed in the cup holders but the lid cannot be closed then due to the charger wire.


Mustang GT’s interior is given a more of an evening look with the illumination in blue color. It gives a dramatic touch to the car with its strong prevalence as it is soft shade of blue that does not strike the eyes.

The light is also installed in the side panel plates with the word ‘Mustang’ that lights up adding to the atmosphere. But it can’t be turned off if the doors are opened, which is a drawback. Another negative aspect is that the needle of the speed meter is too big, making it difficult to see the meter clearly.


On working grounds, Mustang gives out the best with 4.6 liter V8 accompanied by 315 hp and 325 lb ft of torque. On the face, it looks quite similar to the 4,250 rpm, which is a unique aspect for a V8 car to carry.


Coming as a 5 gear, the car is no less than any 6 speed transmission in performance. While driving Mustang you can have the opportunity to enjoy the swiftly elevating acceleration of the car with an awful sound.

The car is coming with revised suspension with integrated features like installation of more powerful shocks, new springs, and stabilizer bars providing a more controlled and stabilized ride. Its steering control is smoother than before and easier to manage.


Ford claims to have more improvement in tire and suspension which provides more lucidity in driving operations. The wheel size is pretty big with the option of choosing between 18 inch and 19 inch. The car is known to carry a base price of $31,845.


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