• October 22, 2009

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track w/navigation

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 TrackIn this article, we shall review the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track with Navigation. Firstly, let’s talk about the positive points. It has live traffic on its navigation system, as well as dial-by-name functionality in the Bluetooth system. The stereo has amazing quality audio, and the cabin technology is pretty impressive as well. There are Brembo brakes and a track-tuned suspension, making the car excellent to handle. But there are negative points as well. For instance, the materials in the cabin are economy-type, which explains the relatively low price. Also, the navigation screen is a little small, if you compare it with other cars.

But all said and done, this car is a great sports car with cutting-edge features, you should check out this 3.8 liter V6 engine and track pack. The cabin has dashboard and console accents that are quite stunning, but the materials look and feel a bit cheap. You’ll understand when you see the hard plastics that cover the dashboard, and the fake metal that runs down the center stack. The navigation system maps are functional, but the resolution isn’t too good if you compare it with cars like the Audi Q5 or the BMW Z4. However, XM NavTraffic information, traffic flow information and incident information are shown, and if there is traffic congestion ahead, you will be warned proactively, on a programmed route.

The navigation system is on a small 6.5 inch touch screen, and the radio display above becomes two virtual gauges, which show instantaneous fuel economy and available torque. Usually you will see that when one is up, the other is down. The zoom on the navigation system isn’t too trustworthy, but it’s easy to use the map, thus you can easily find destinations when you’re a little confused about the exact address of the place you’re headed to. The scrolling speed is quite impressive, because the maps are stored on a flash drive, thus you get solid state durability, and the updates are good as well.

One of the advantages of this car is that the navigation system allows for easy voice command, so you can easily give inputs for city and street names. The POI database is also impressive, there are various categories in this. text-to-speech is used by the system under route guidance, and the graphics show you the turns ahead – plus they’re also easy to understand.

The touch screen also works for the stereo and phone systems. You can even select music from a connected iPod, going by artist, genre, playlist, album, etc. Contents are also displayed from MP3 CDs and USB drives, and if you want to switch on to the radio, you can do that as well. The audio system is of a 10-speaker type, and the sound is crisp and clear, the percussion is snappy. The bass tends to become a little weak at parts, though, but all said and done, despite the instruments and vocals not matching, this is one sound system that is clearly above the average system.

The Bluetooth phone system is of decent quality, it can take your phone’s contact list and make it available on the touch screen, and not just that, you could use the voice command to dial by name too! This functionality is truly very useful, and seriously quite advanced. The credentials of the cabin technology are proved as well, and it doesn’t take much to show you this is a sports car like no other. You will surely be impressed when you see the level of communication the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has with the driver – the steering wheel, the seat, the pedals – all of it keeps you as a driver updated on how the wheels are gripping, and how the car is responding to inputs without being too rough.

 sPhoto by Sarah Chambers

The engine is of 3.8 liter, and the power plant is pretty darn good as well. The flat torque curve of the V-6 gives you lots of power to blast down straight roads, and to power around corners without constantly having to change gears. The wide tires give you good grip, the car gives you power on the road.

The steering of the car is pretty calm and composed with the automatic transmission; you can take the corners at high speeds that you’d normally expect. But you must take certain things into account – for instance, the traction of the car is a little intrusive, and when it starts, the speed comes down. Also, if fast driving is your thing, then perhaps the automatic transmission is not such a good idea for you, because the manual mode might not be your thing.

The car has 306 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. Buy this car, it’s a great car to have in your garage to show off to your friends and to drive down the road – you’re bound to turn heads!


  • As GPS is going common on gadgets like mobile it is certain that cars should have it, and there is city rout map facility is already available in many taxis

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