• September 17, 2009

2010 Kia Soul – Overview

2010 Kia Soul

2010 Kia SoulIf you are looking for a car with adequate cargo room and great entry-exit facilities, then this is quite the right choice for you. There is great dexterity and maneuvering ease coming with the Kia Soul. But the car could also pose some problems with its quietness and acceleration qualities.

This is a subcompact car from Korean automaker. It works on a front-wheel drive and has a 4-wagon door. It is slightly bigger in size compared to the Kia Rio. It has 4 level trims that come in layers of Soul, Soul, Soul! and Soul sport. The base model is empowered by a 122 hp with 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine. This works on a 5 speed manual as well that is full of safe and keen features. It has got power windows, locks, standard modes of security and is an essential part of fuel economy facility.

The Bluetooth phone system lets you use the voice integration dial up through the recognition facility. The audio system is also great for giving you clarity. The interior lights are really interesting with speakers and the 4-speed automatic option is quite old fashioned. There is not an option for navigation here.

The drive may be a bit unimpressive to some but then the 2010 Kia Soul Exclaim has a lot to offer on the practical front. There cool exterior and spacious interior are good enough places to start with its appreciation. The stereo system is also something to be reckoned with which would be a pleasure for anyone.

 sPhoto by Cars dot com
The body style is totally amazing with the great engine. The model’s risk free nature makes it a totally positive go for anyone. The radical innovations are in the moves of the Kia Soul in its new inventions. The look is tantalizing with a Scion xB spawn and a boxy 4-door style. The sports car line up is easily accessible with available seating positions and with someone having quite the experience behind it.The rakish roofline is also pretty interesting. Even if you are not really excited about the New Kia Soul, you will find an all time standard and excellent trim level. The main claim to fame for the Exclaim happens to be this feature. The GPS navigation might not be there though and the technology has also substantially been higher than most other Kia Soul.Photo by The All New Kia Soul: Kia Motors America

The iPod port is quite at the base but this works its charm like magic. This will also remind you of the previous Genesis coupe model or even some Hyundai models. The monochrome screen has excellent radio buttons as well as a space for your CD player to be tucked in. The menu on the iPod list can be easily interacted with and played over sorting the different genres on the select item. The interface has always been working with a push button with even the dial browse to be worked with the music.

The auxiliary input for the iPod base is also applicable for any audio source. The USB port can also track down the MP3 tracks with just a push of the thumb drive. This player can be tracked with MP3 songs as well. There is also the provision for satellite radio as well as the rounding of audio sources.

Though some might be disappointed with only the rear seat speakers producing the great sound but then the pulse modes and other assorted ways of control can increase the intensity of the music playing. Kia also has a great sound control system that makes it one of the most essential items in the whole technological range.

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