• December 1, 2009

2010 Mazda 3 – Review

2010 Mazda 3

If we are to talk about the new MAZDA then it is imperative that we draw a comparison with the old MAZDA. It was introduced in 2003. The first generation itself was path breaking. The sportiness, spunk, refinement, space and everything else was simply unbeatable. Also the car was lightning speed.

 sPhoto by sixate

The new car has lived up to all the hype and expectation. It has got a brilliant styling done and has cutting edge features. It is however, slightly similar to Porsche’s panamera. The car has gained much popularity and it definitely looks much better in real life than in photographs. The aesthetic appeal is just unbeatable.

One debatable aspect would be the headlight of the MAZDA. They are elegant but are very complicated. The wing mirrors also do an excellent job. It gives us absolutely no reason to complain. When the 1st MAZDA were released, it introduced absolutely new levels of driving pleasures. The total sales surpassed 1.8 million units!

These were record breaking statistics. The new MAZDA capitalizes on its predecessors. It is also more environment friendly now as a lot of research and hard work goes into creating this style machine. The focus has remained on an exhilarating experience. The safety features have also been taken care of minutely as the MAZDA is a high speed car. The design was done keeping mind safety, comfort, output, the old legacy and the new innovations and many other factors.

The new facia is innovative and distinct. It is formed by a 5 point grill. The designs are classy. They seem to go with the flow of the overall architecture. The MAZDA symbolizes communication dynamism. The rear view of the car is sporty and stylish. It has quite a wide stance. The most striking features of the new MAZDA are its strong shoulders. This concept has obviously been borrowed from the 1st generation MAZDA 3. The lines of the rear view concentrate and emphasize on the brand symbol in the middle.

The interiors of the new MAZDA are sporty, sophisticated and of high quality. There is a highly refined cabin inside the all new MAZDA. The colours are also spread out to give the perfect feel of snugness. There is a soft wood grained surface. The light control is also new and interactive. A lot of research has gone into the making of the new MAZDA as it had to deliver a great and never before driving experience. This required a lot of effort and dedication from the MAZDA team.

The MAZDA is such a driver’s delight today! It is considered as a power trainer for almost all driving experiences. It also uses catalyst nanotechnology. This is another path breaking venture of its kind. The fuel, engine and other aspects have been partly based on green technology. This means that the environment shall not be harmed by the all new MAZDA.

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The driving experience of the MAZDA is usually referred to as the zoom zoom driving experience. To add to facilities as well as safety features, the MAZDA has been bestowed upon with power steering, suspension and brake systems. It delivers the correct balance between fuel economy, light steering operation and stability.

Thus it is a wholesome approach to safe, fast and stylish driving. Something that is truly symbolized by the all new MAZDA. The overall result is therefore an outstanding response.


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