• May 7, 2010

2010 Shanghai Expo

The world’s most expensive expo has opened in Shanghai – China hopes that this 2010 World Expo will show everyone proof that its influence is rising globally. The theme of the event is sustainable development, and at least 250 countries as well as international organizations are taking part to showcase their unique cultures and personalities.

Photo by frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide- exklusiv

The Chinese President Hu Jintao declared the Expo 2010 Shanghai open, during the big opening – in which at least 2300 musicians and performers from different parts of the globe took part. The slogan of the Expo has been termed, “Better city, better life in music and dance”. The riverfront of the city was lit up with thousands and thousands of fireworks and laser – organizers are now saying that this will be the most prominent multimedia event ever.

The Expo is the most expensive one in history till date, and is taking place between April 30 and October 31. The Expo will demonstrate the most recent green technology from the 191 countries that are taking part. China is incidentally the first developing country to hold an Expo – and efforts are on to promote this event as friendly to the environment. The country’s largest solar plant has been created as part of these efforts, and zero emission vehicles are being used for transportation. However, it must be noted that once the Expo ends, most of the exhibition sites would be demolished.

The total budget spent on this by China is reported to be 4.2 billion dollars – this is double what was spent at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This makes this Expo themost expensive Expo till date, and journalists report that the actual cost is probably around 58 billion. The Expo’s size is twice that of Monaco, and at least 20 times bigger than the last World Expo held in Spain in 2008.

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