• June 6, 2011

2011 Car Management Briefing Seminar is planned to be held from August 1-4 with the Theme ““Prosperity Amid Uncertainty”

Leaders of the top automobile companies i.e. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen and some others have planned to chalk out the important program of this year’s seminar of Car Management Briefing. The theme “Prosperity Amid Uncertainty” will be addressed in this strategic automotive conference.

Schedule of the Sessions

Wednesday August 3rd

On Wednesday 3rd of August, morning session will be led by the CEO of Fiat and Chrysler. A part from them, Ford Motor Co Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service Jim Farley,  Toyota Motor Corp’s senior managing officer Ray Tanguy, Senior Vice President Toyota Motor North America and chairman, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc and Bob King, president of UAW will also contribute in the session. Other speakers include; Don Walker who is the CEO of Magna, Bill Kozyra who is the CEO of TI Automotive, and Hans-Werner Kaas of McKinsey & Company, who will talk about the “Rebuilding the New North American Supplier Sector.”

Thursday August 4th

Discussion on the theme “Prosperity Amid Uncertainty” will be carried to Thursday 4th of August 2011. Speakers in this session will include; President and Vice President of General Motors (North America) Mark Reuss, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group(America) Jonathan Browning, and Co-CEO and President of IAC Group(North America & Asia)  James K. Kamsickas.

Expert’s Opinion

The Center for Automotive Research is a nonprofit organization situated in Ann Arbor, Mich. Its aim is to perform research on important issues related to the prospect course of the worldwide automotive industry, and to systematize and accomplish forums of significance to the automotive community. Jay Baron, Chairman and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, and moderator of several sessions at the event said “Unprecedented profitability may be in the auto industry’s future—but uncertainty related to predictable sales volumes, materials availability, cost and delivery of energy and other policy matters—make this one of the most challenging eras for an industry that has survived tough times. This year’s strong lineup of speakers, combined with a number of networking sessions should provide attendees with the content; context and contacts that can help their companies prosper in the days ahead.”

The 2011 Car Management Briefing Seminar

The 2011 Car Management Briefing Seminars will be commenced on 1st of August (Monday) and its venue is Grand Transverse Resort and Spa. Top-Notch manufacturing distinction will be the hot topic of the day. Rest of the sessions which be conducted all over the week, will discuss the powertrain development, purchasing, policies and strategies for South America etc.

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