• August 5, 2010

2011 Ford Mustang: First Drive

2011 Ford Mustang

If you have ever read or heard about the all-time favorite cars of the world then there is a name which comes in almost every such list and that is the ‘Ford Mustang’ which is getting a huge response from the customers right from the time of its release for the first time. This car was introduced in early 1964 and after that time this model is pretty consistent in winning the heart of people from its capabilities and features.

Photo By Pat Milliken Ford

Let’s discuss about the latest version of this sports car that is the ‘2011 Ford Mustang’ which is claimed to be the most exciting model of this car that has fixed some previous bugs like power. The most exciting thing about the 2011 model is that it is getting all new engines including: V6 and V8 engine that can produce the horsepower up to 305 and 412. The interiors and exteriors of this model have been revised but some of the changes that have brought for this model include electric power steering, larger brakes, revised suspension tuning, added noise insulation, blind spot mirrors and some others.

The fuel economy of the Ford has also notified to be really awesome, the V6 engine shows 31 MPG highway/19 MPG city with the 6-speed automatic transmission while the V8 gives 26 MPG highway/17 MPG city. The Ford Mustang was always considered a bit low than the Camrao but this model has been designed to beat its record and built up its own, this car has proved that it is faster in a straight line as compared to the Chevy Camrao SS. The Mustang performance was reported to be better than the Camrao SS may be because of the lower gearing as indicated by its 2.165-second 60-foot time despite my laggardly .420-second reaction time as compared with Camaro’s 2.549-second 60-foot time despite a better .243-second reaction time.

The advance Ford racing technology has now brought cold air induction technology delivers a cold intake charge to the cylinders that has proved to be very helpful for increasing the horsepower and also the torque of the car. When this car was tested for its performance then it showed that it can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds.


The design of this car has also proved to be a good one, according to the company’s claims “2011 Mustang is a sleek representation of modern raw power” and this claim is really the true one.  The 2011 Mustang is coming both as a coupe and a convertible. Four different trim levels are available for this new model and they include: V6, V6 Premium, GT and GT Premium.

All of the trims of this model are coming with a fantastic exterior design that is more aggressive and shows all the cuts of classic Mustang’s styling. The full line of cast- aluminum wheel design adds up more beauty for this model, the V6 model is coming with 17-inch painted aluminum wheels while the V6 premium brings 17-inch machined- aluminum wheels with painted pockets. The more excitement comes for the Mustang GT and Mustang Premium
GT that brings 18-inch wide-spoke painted aluminum wheels plus the body of all the trims is really solid and powerful.

Apart from the external design, the interiors are also quite fantastic. Some of the interiors goodness includes firm seat bolstering, seat and door trim choices, map pockets on the back of both front seats and some others. The addition of front-row heated leather trimmed seats in the new Mustang is also an awesome feature, just by opening the door of this car you’ll surely get amazed from the new stitching and styling of the seats.


Some advance technologies have been implemented in the new model for ensuring the safety and security. The salient features include: antilock four wheel disc brakes, front seat side airbags, side spotter mirror and also the standard stability control.

When tested by the government in terms of its security then this model obtained five star rating for its protection of the people sitting inside during the frontal and side impact collisions. During the testing of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing this car attained the status of ‘good’ in the frontal-offset test and ‘acceptable’ in the side impact test.

Photo By Pat Milliken Ford

Thus from all the categories that have been mentioned here, I can say that this car has proven itself, the 2011 model of the Ford Mustang has maintained the great reputation that was attained by all the previous models of this car.


  • Design of the car is good. It looks fabulous in dark blue color. The interior of the car is also very good quality.

  • Ford is the best manufactured company in the auto world.This car looks NICE !I Can’t wait to get out and test drive it.

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