• September 20, 2010

2011 Mazda Mazda 2: First Drive

2011 Mazda 2

The small and sub-compact cars are very hot in the auto markets these days and the customer’s choices have also started shifted towards these vehicles and that is a reason, their production rate is also very high. Mazda has always been a very active participant of the international auto industry and its future plans for the vehicles are really awe-inspiring.

Like the other international auto developers, Mazda is also focusing on the development of small cars and among the upcoming lineup of its small car one model is very prominent and that is ‘Mazda 2’. This car is actually a small affordable car for the US market which is packed with a perfect fuel economy and a very adorable style.

A first drive of this car gives you a very remarkable experience of driving and along with the internal and external style; you’ll surely love the smoothness and power of this car. This car comes with 1.5L DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine that gives the power of 100 hp at 6000 rpm and torque of 98lb-ft at 4000 rpm. The perfect mileage is also another remarkable feature of this model.

Even before the performance of this car, the factor which you’ll observe for the first time is the design of this car. The prominent factor of the exterior design is the 15-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers and with that the cuts and styles of the car are also designed in a very modern and classical way.

While looking at the interiors of this model, it is clear that the rear seats are offering some more space as compared to the earlier models of Mazda and with that the front seats also offers plenty of stretch out space. All these interior changes are adding up to the comfort of driver and other passengers. The two tier dashboard of this car is not very new one and you’ll find a little difference between this car and previous versions.

On the roads this car showed really nice results, the narrow width of this car adds up comfort in driving this car on the small roads. The visibility while driving has been made more enhanced with the bigger side view mirrors and this factor is also a major contributor for making it a car that is ideal for city driving.

Everyone who has tried a drive of this car has returned with even double excitement because the performance of this car was even more than the people’s expectations. The performance and economy of this car is really perfect and with that the style also makes the driver more happy and comfortable while driving it.

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