• July 15, 2011

2011 Mercury Mariner is SUV of its Kind

Mercury is expected to be last brand of its series and it is anticipated 2011 is the last year of Mercury Mariner. Mercury Mariner is a compact cross over SUV and it was launched in 2005. When Mercury launched the 2011Mercury Mariner it was very clear that it is the upgraded version of Ford Escape, still most of the people liked it and some among them were of the opinion that it is even better than Ford Escape.

2011 Mercury Mariner is a small crossover SUV and quite stylish one, People who prefer the vehicle with stunning exterior will be impressed by its super stylish looks. Let’s look into its features and specifications.

Engine of 2011 Mercury Mariner

2011 Mercury Mariner is equipped with 2.5 Liter 4 Cylinder engine and also available in option of 3 Liter V6 flex fuel engine with automatic transmission. The base model of 2011 Mercury Mariner is equally fuel efficient as its rivals i.e. Toyota RAV 4 and offers fuel economy of 22 in the city and 28 on the highway. On the other side, fuel economy of premier model is 22 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. 2011 Mercury Mariner is equipped with some classic features for instance automatic parallel parking assist system.

2011 Mercury Mariner Offers Enhanced Control to Parents

Good news for the parents if they are interested to buy 2011 Mercury Mariner and want to control their children so that they could not over speed it, MyKey is the very feature for them. In addition, due to this system parents will be able to put limit on the stereo volume. Isn’t it a great feature? Now you can handover the keys of your Mariner to your children without worrying about that will break the speed limit.

Some Key Features of 2011 Mercury Mariner

Trim Levels

Four trim levels are available for 2011 Mercury Mariner i.e. base V6, base 14, Premier 14, and Premier 6. V6 and 14 models are powered by different engines but all other features are same.

Standard Features of Base Models

The base models (V6 and 14) are available in alloy wheels of 16-inches (standard), fog lights, heating and cooling system, entire power accessories, privacy glass, satellite radio and much more.

Standard Features of Premier Models

The premier models (premier 14, 6) apart from above mentioned features consists of back parking sensors, ambient lighting in interior, power drive seat, stereo (6 speakers) and much more.

Optional Features for Base Models

Base models are available with following options i.e. moon roof, roof rack, power drive seat, interior ambient lighting and leather upholstery.

Optional Features for Premier Models

Premier models are available with following optional features i.e. step bars of the side, 17-inches wheels, camera on the back, double zone automated climate control, automatic parking system, sun roof, navigation system based on hard drive and much more.

Performance of 2011 Mercury Mariner

2011 Mercury Mariner is available in 2 driving options i.e. front drive/all wheel drive and it is performance oriented SUV. Its engine is big “wow” factor because it contributes eminently to make it a fuel efficient SUV and burden less on wallets of users. A part from being fuel efficient, it is also eco-friendly SUV and emit less CO2 hence one can drive it conveniently without worrying about the emission of pollution components.

Safety Features of 2011 Mercury Mariner

2011 Mercury Mariner is equipped with all the safety features that makes its one of the safest SUV i.e. ABS (Anti lock brake System), stability control along with traction control. Additionally, air bags are fixed in all vulnerable positions to protect the driver and passengers from every kind of crash i.e. front, side, back.

Safety Awards

  1. 2011 Mercury Marine also won the “5 Star” safety award when side and front crash tests were performed on it.
  2. 2011 Mercury Marine attained the highest score “Good”, when “Insurance Institute of Highway Safety” performed front and side tests on it.

2011 Mercury Mariner-Some Flaws

If you are thinking that 2011 Mercury Mariner is a perfect vehicle, you are wrong. Like Ford Focus, it has some deficiencies like one can not stretch out back seats and this flaw reduce the comfort level of rear seats as compare to other small size SUVs.

Design of Interior of 2011 Mercury Mariner

The cabin of 2011 Mercury Mariner is outclassed and extremely functional shape wise, a large console is situated in the middle along with detachable bins. The shape of front seats is good and gives a spacious look to the interior; on the other side back seats are flat and do not presents stretch out function and multiple adjusting positions.  Another drawback of rear seats is that it is quite hectic to fold them for sake of cargo space because one need to remove the headset first and also the underneath cushion need to be stumbled frontward that’s the result of plane load floor. 2011 Mercury Mariner offers cargo space of 29 cubic feet with back seats and 66 cubic feet when the seats are in folded position.

Driving Notion of 2011 Mercury Mariner

2011 Mercury Mariner looks practically safe when one speedily alters the direction especially on curves. Performance wise it is quite agreeable and its engine offers flexible and smooth driving experience due to six speed automated transmission. The major flaw in this SUV is with the brakes because it takes bit longer to stop as compare to other SUV of its range but overall performance of Mariner is remarkable.

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