• March 8, 2012

2012 Fisker Karma-A Review

Henrik Fisker has again got his luck and has introduced his masterpiece electric luxury car, the new 2012 Fisker Karma. The car is eco- friendly and is designed to meet the customer’s demands. A $100,000 electric sedan has a gas- engine that works as a backup. Uptill 1500 Karmas are manufactured and the company plans to sell first 50 of them to the customers. Fisker has got some high expectations from this new car. He says, “You should feel like you’re driving the best car in the class, with the best design.” He further adds “I think hybrids are the past.”

Standard Modes

The2012 Fisker Karma can be driven on the following two modes

  • All-electric Stealth Mode
  • Fuel assisted Sport Mode

Exceptional Exterior

The exterior of this vehicle is made exceptional by the designer. Its design is inspired by cheetah. Diamond Dust paint is the water-based paint that covers the new Karma. The invisible reflective infrared layer in the paint helps in keeping the car cooler. The Bi-Xenon headlamps and low energy LED lamps not only enhances the outlook but also uses low- voltage thus conserving the energy. The car also features a largest solar glass roof.

Spacious Interior

The interior is made spacious and comfortable. It is fashioned with Fallen, Sunken and Rescued Wood that adds lavishness to the car. There is 6.9 cubic feet of sufficient space to pack your luggage. The cabin is also roomy. Fisker says, “I don’t think Americans really want a smaller car.”

The dashboard is innovative with just four buttons: EVer Power (start/stop), Central Locking, Hazard Lights and Electric Glove Box Release. The Command Center features a 10.2” touch screen. Also there are specific buttons to control functionalities and systems like the climate systems, stereo, iPod, Bluetooth phone compatibility and navigation systems.

Robust Engine

The 2012 Fisker Karma gives powerful performance. It features a 2-liter, turbocharged gas engine, two electric motors, a generator and batteries. An electric generator and battery pack give power to the dual electric motors to drive the vehicle. EVer technology is used that gives driving range of about 50 miles with electric power however, it can be extended to 250 miles with the internal combustion gasoline engine. The output power of 400 hp is achieved. The fastest acceleration of 0-60 mph is achieved in just 6.3 seconds.

A standard 110V convenience charger is available with the new vehicle for charging. The charging can be done in 6- 14 hours. The battery pack of Nanophosphate Lithium-ion is used and gives a lifecycle of 10 years or 100,000 miles (160,000km) under normal use. The solar energy can also be used to extend the driving range upto additional 200 miles/322 km annually. The gas engine alone can give 300- mile range.

“There’s a misconception that small equal fuel economy,” Fisker says, adding that “the Karma can be driven more fuel efficiently than the Prius.”

Advanced Safety

Advanced safety features have been added to the new Karma. The include

  • 8 airbags
  • A front dual advanced restraint system with knee
  • Full-length side curtain
  • Shutting down the high voltage battery and fuel pump systems
  • Automatically unlocking the doors and turning on the interior and hazard lights
  • Traction Control
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • A Panic Brake Assist
  • Brembo Monobloc calipers Braking System

So, get ready to cruise with the most stylish and eco- friendly 2012 Fisker Karma.

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