• September 6, 2011

2012 TSX Special Edition-Upcoming Stylish Sports Sedan

All the big giants in automobile sectors are in a race to offer best models for 2012 with state-of-the-art features. Most of the leading automobile companies have improved the features based on the customers ‘feedback to attract and serve consumers in a better way. Acura is also among those strivers who are leaving no stone unturned to impress the customers with distinctive and improved styling of its vehicles.

2012 Acura TSX

Acura-Creating the Difference

Acura provides whole range of performance oriented and powerful vehicles with latest technological features via chain of 271 dealers in U.S.A. It’s unique models of vehicles for 2012 are; RL Luxury Performance Sedan, TL Performance Luxury Sedan, RDX luxury crossover SUV (turbocharged), MDX sport utility vehicle and ZDX sports coupe (4-door).Acura is the renowned which adds much to its overall value, recently Acura publicized about the launch of improved version of famous 2012 model of TX Sports Sedan. Acura has added enhanced sporty features in 2012 TX Sports Sedan to represent it as one of the stylish sedan.

Vice President of Acura sales, Jeff Conrad said, “The Acura TSX has long been known for its high-revving 4-cylinder engines and sporty driving nature. With the new Special Edition, the TSX becomes even more youthful and sporty in character, furthering its appeal to performance-minded buyers.”

Exterior of 2012 TSX Special Edition

2012 TSX Special Edition presents numerous improved and stylish exterior features which include:

  • Impressive front spoiler
  • Improved back bumper fasica
  • Distinctive side sills and special badge of “Special Edition” on the truncklid.
  • 17×7.5 inches 5-spoke aluminum wheels which will be available in polished finishing with background of dark grey color. This is the exceptional feature of 2012 TSX Special Edition.

Interior of 2012 TSX Special Edition

Acura has added full sporty features in the interior of 2012 TSX Special Edition which includes:

  • Exclusive seating surfaces with pierced black Lux suede inserts and red back.
  • Distinctive red stitching has been used in seats, steering wheels and shift knobs which along with red lighting for instrument cluster gauges give elegant to interior.
  • Aluminum pedal covers make driver footwell more attractive with a sporty look.
  • Bright Silver Plating for steering wheels mounted paddle shifters with black headline stuff is the most eminent feature of interior of 2012 TSX Special Edition whereas standard model is available with grey headliner material.

Powertrain of 2012 TSX Special Edition

2012 TSX Special Edition features K24 2.4L 4 cylinder engine of Acura, customers will be free to choose among the 6 speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission (Sequential SportShift).

Availability of 2012 TSX Special Edition

2012 TSX Special Edition will be available in the last week of September 2011 and officially it will made debut at the Orange Country International Auto Show.

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