• May 14, 2012

2013 Ford Escape-A Review

Get ready to drive a spacious and stylish new Ford car-2013 Ford Focus is more than comfortable and offers improved space for passengers and luggage. This new Ford model is more spacious as compare to previous models.

Ford understands the needs of its customers and it better knows that people always feel pleasure to ride in a comfortable and spacious car. Vehicle Architecture supervisor of Ford Eric Jackson said, “The new Escape has more cargo space than the previous model as well as a number of storage bins and other unique storage features.

Whether you have an umbrella, parking stub, cell phone, sunglasses or large water bottle, the new Escape has a specific place for it where it won’t get lost or roll under the seat. The hidden storage under the second-row floor is great for keeping items secure and out of view.”


This stylish and spacious model of Ford is equipped with 1.6L EcoBoost Engine that offers mpg value of 33mpg on the highway. Ford gives you three choices about powertrains, you can choose 2.0L EcoBoost that presents mpg value of 30 on the highway and you can also go for 2.5L iVCT that provides mpg value of 31 on the highway. No matter which one you choose you will find all of them eco-friendly and fuel-economical and credit goes to its EcoBoost technology. 6-speed automatic transmission is standard on all the models.

Group Vice President of Ford Global Product Development Raj Nair said, “The fuel economy of the all-new Escape showcases the continued success of Ford’s development of smaller, yet more powerful engines. Ford understands people want fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing power and space requirements.”


Exterior plays a major role in making this spacious model fuel-efficient, fuel efficiency and performance of 2013 Escape is improved as compared to previous models. Thanks to the improved aerodynamic shape of this wonderful model, new and improved active grille shutters are vital in making it fuel-efficient, grill opens and operates according to temperature. Overall exterior is extremely stylish and appealing; shape wise it is among the most stylish and modern cars of the era.


The 2013 Ford Escape is one of the most spacious cars from the manufacturing house of Ford, you will also find it extremely comfortable and convenient with full of luxurious features. The second row seat can be easily folded with a single touch of a button, cargo space is maintained smartly through different tacts. Additionally, there are many amazing features in this spacious model which includes umbrella holder, floor bin for second row and a smart ticket holder in sun visor. The floor of this modern car is designed in such a way that you can easily manage your stuff even inside the cabin. Eight cup holders facilitate the passenger to keep cup at a safe position and center console also present smart space to keep at least 1 Liter bottle along with other small items.

The 2013 Ford Escape is available now from authorized dealers of Ford in U.S.A.

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