• November 29, 2012

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV – A Review

Most automobile companies today are conscious about the requirements of their customers and therefore many of them are experimenting and researching on introducing better electric vehicles that can perform almost like conventional gasoline vehicles. Chevrolet has been trying to turn things around with Volt but now the company has decided to improve their market with Chevrolet Spark EV. Chevrolet has already experimented with Volt that accounts 50% of all plug in electric vehicle sales and therefore the company is trying to focus on Spark EV that can improve their overall company sales figures.


  • Chevrolet has been keen on improving the exterior of the vehicle but they also believe that most consumers would not like to have too many modifications. Hence, they have decided to go for minimal redesign. Chevrolet has tweaked the shape of the vehicle to make it more aerodynamic and that saves the energy as well.
  • The front fascia of the car gets some uplift with some sporty appearance and the car is available in various colors like Electric Blue, Black Granite, Summit White, Silver Ice and Titanium. The car also gets certain chrome accents that makes the car different from the conventional Chevrolet Spark.


  • Chevrolet Spark EV is powered by all new advanced electric motor that can produce 130 horsepower and 400 lb feet of torque which is extremely good for a small car like Spark EV. The electric motor has been designed by GM which is powered by 20kWh lithium ion battery that offers the best in class performance.
  • Chevrolet also claims that 560 pound battery is capable of providing better performance for long hours and they will provide eight years warranty with it or 100,000 miles. The company said that they have already tested the battery for 200,000 hours and has undergone all kinds of weather and abuse tolerance similar to Volt battery.


  • The interior of the vehicle is very futuristic and simple at the same time. The cockpit has various noise reduction features and chrome accents that make it look better. The car also offers better space for passengers in the rear and front offering better leg space and headroom for all passengers.


  • Chevrolet has announced that Spark EV will be priced at $25,000 with tax incentives.

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