• September 24, 2013

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid will Hit the Market on Halloween

2014 Accord HybridThe 2014 Accord Hybrid is coming this Halloween to the market and is rated at 50mpg. Some people believe that the $29,155 price tag is justified believing on its rating, but others have reservation on it. Honda claims to have made the Accord Hybrid comfortable and free from technical issues. Only the time will prove these claims, as the car hits the market. The car offers LED daytime running lights as well as a rearview camera, which is much in demand these days. For heated and leather trimmed seats, people will have to buy the slightly pricier Accord Hybird Ex-L. The Ex-L  has some outstanding safety features like Lane Departure Warning and Collisions sensors. It will cost $31,905.

“With advanced technologies standard on every Accord Hybrid we’ve given customers an incredible combination of fuel efficiency, technology and value,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales at American Honda. “The addition of the Accord Hybrid to the lineup will further advance Accord’s position as America’s most popular passenger car with individual buyers.”

The best model is the Accord Hybrid Touring which will come into the market with a price tag of $34,905. That is nearly $3000 more than the EX-L. The Price difference is justified by the addition of a intelligent navigation system. The car has voice recognition with FM traffic data. To increase driving pleasure, it also offers Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which will adjust itself according to a driver’s driving style. To make the Touring distinct, Honda has placed blue-tinted chrome bezels on the car’s headlights. This addition makes the touring instantly recognizable.

All models are still rated at 50mpg; the highway rating of the car is 45mpg, while in the city it would be 50mpg. On average, expect the Honda Accord Hybrid to run 47mpg. The Accord Hybrid is the second Honda Hybrid that is being manufactured in USA.

Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord Hybrid will carry a three year Limited Vehicle Warranty and the Corrosion and Powertrain Warranties will be valid for five years. More specs may be revealed once the release date gets near. As of now, the Honda Accord Hybrid justifies its price tag considering all the luxuries it offers.

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