• June 12, 2015

The Must Read List Of The Best Superminis 2015

The Must Read List Of The Best Superminis 2015

Superminis make the perfect vehicle for a city dweller. They’re easy to move around cramped roads and slip into the tightest of parking spaces. Check out some of the best superminis on the market in 2015.

Ford Fiesta

Kicking off the best superminis is the Ford Fiesta. This machine was built for the everyday driver. It’s perfect for cruising around town and even has sufficient room in the back and boot. The latest Fiesta is a thing of beauty and has come a long way since its first installment. They’re great to drive, look cool, and are reasonably priced.

640px-Ford_Fiesta_-_Mondial_de_l'Automobile_de_Paris_2012_-_003_(image_modifié)Image Source

VW Polo

The Polo from Volkswagen sits next to the Fiesta as a popular ‘first car’ choice. With so many models over the years, the Polo has become a staple on the British roads. First-time buyers will always have a Polo on the list, which means yours is guaranteed to sell in the future. Also, the new Polo is neatly polished with a delightful interior and is extremely comfortable. VW Polo’s are renowned for their build quality and durability.


A key symbol of British culture; the Mini. For decades, the mini has roamed the streets with it’s iconic design and tiny stature. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in looks. It’s not just the exterior and body that looks great; the interior is just as good. Mini’s have a unique speedometer that makes you feel like you’re driving in the future. Long gone are the days where there was only one type of mini. A quick look on www.coopermini.co.uk shows the various styles and types you can choose from. Mini’s are iconic, and they’re very, very fun to drive too.

Renault Clio

A supermini with a big heart. Le Renault Clio is a French car with a revolutionary design that makes it a permanent fixture on this list. The Clio has grown and adapted over the years to become one of the most stylish designs on the market. It’s also one of the most spacious cars here and offers five doors, but maintains the look of a three-door car. The new technology has quietened the car down making your journeys peaceful and relaxing.

Citroen DS3

This Citroen has only been in production since 2009 but has fast become a people’s favourite. It has one of the most efficient engines out of the bunch and is easily personalised. There are lots of different colours and extras to choose from, making it a really fun car. The design is unlike any other, it almost looks like a spaceship from the front. It’s an exciting drive too, and quite nippy down the motorway.

Superminis are probably the most common vehicle on the British roads, particularly in busy cities! A lot of people chooses superminis for their practicality and the fun factor. They’re also highly affordable cars to buy brand new, as well as used. Lots of the cars on this list have been around for years and remain the most popular on the market.

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