• June 6, 2012

3 Toyota Models are Selected as “Best Family Cars of 2012”

Setting standards is an easy job but it is difficult to maintain the same standards and strive for improvement but Toyota proved its self best car provider and recently its three models have been named as best family cars of 2012 by Parents magazine and Edmunds.com. Editor-in-chief of Edmunds.com Scott Oldham said, “Toyota has a long history of satisfying the automotive needs of American families. The Sienna minivan, the redesigned Camry and the all-new Prius v hybrid are leaders in their respective segments, offering America’s families the spacious, fun, fuel-efficient and reliable transportation they need.”

Best Family Cars of 2012

Following three vehicles were selected by keeping in view the factors that are most commonly preferred by families while considering a family vehicle and these factors are;

  • Safety
  • Fuel-Economy
  •  Riding Comfort
  •  Quality
  •  Durability
  •  Styling
  •  Handling

1. Toyota Prius V

It was selected in the high mileage category, in this category experts chose vehicles which offer mpg value of above 40 on the highway, best in class safety and convenience features altogether. Prius V was appreciated for its riding and handling capabilities, wonderful cargo space, state-of-the-art technological features and improved versatility.

2. 2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry was chosen in Sedan category. Toyota completely redesigned 2012 model of Camry and it was selected as the best family car in the Sedan category because of its improved styling, passenger-friendly technological features, remarkable fuel economy, noise free riding capabilities and enhanced cargo space. The Toyota Camry is among the best selling Toyota models in the USA.

3. Sienna Minivan

Sienna Minivan was selected in the category of large vehicle. It’s a quiet family friendly and flexible vehicle that is suitable for different family trips and offers improved cargo space for your luggage. To meet the needs of families, Sienna Minivan was completely modified in 2010 with state-of-the-art technological features, improved handling and dynamic driving configurations. All these features marked it as a favorite family car in sedan segment.

Group Vice President and General Manager of Toyota Division Bob Carter said “We’re proud to have several Toyota models on the list of the best family cars for the fifth year in a row. Families know they can always depend on Toyota for safety, quality and durability, but they also recognize the importance of the convenience and technology features in our vehicles that help make their lives easier.”

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