• June 7, 2009

$44,715 sticker price for Infiniti G37 convertible

Infiniti G37The coming model of the G37 Infiniti convertible is going to carry a price sticker of $44,715 that includes shipping charges at the time of its rolling out from showrooms in the later part of this month, the luxury automaker announced on Thursday.

If you want to see your G37 convertible with six-speed manual transmission rather than seven speed autos, you will have to add further $50 at the bottom line of this sticker.

The price of the convertible is just above $7950 on the base G37 coupe, but it’s going to get power folding of three pieces along with standard leather seat covers.

There are sport packages, premium packages and a navigation system as some nice options and you will have to pay further $350 if you want to add a blacked-out grille.

Source: autoweek

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