• November 20, 2009

5 Best Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars

The two main reasons which makes Hybrid cars the best pick for a new car at this time, is because firstly; these cars would reduce your expenditure on fuel for running the car and secondly it would also be doing the environment a world of good.

 sPhoto by nettsu

Fuel efficiency being the top priority, these cars run on environmentally friendly electric motors which makes Hybrid cars a thing for the future. So if you are thinking of getting yourself one as well, here are the top five picks for Hybrid cars.

Toyota Prius:

You might not have heard of this car, but maximum chances are that you already have. This Hybrid car is the talk of the country at the moment and is undoubtedly the best Hybrid car choice for America.

 sPhoto by Which? Car

This car has the highest MPG that any other car is offering, 60 for the city and 51 on the highway. Besides that, other factors such as the handling and the driving experience itself is all great. Not to mention, the interior of the car is exceptionally cozy as well and the multimedia system that the car manufacturers provide is perhaps one of the best in the industry.

Also, the built-in technology that is offered by the car which makes it so environmentally and pocket friendly is quite unbelievable for the price. Also, safety is one thing that Toyota can be trusted with. There is every reason for this car to be voted number one.

Honda Civic Hybrid:

this car is also as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly as the Prius and is a very good buy for the price. It offers an MPG of a 49 in the city and 51 on the highway which makes it a powerhouse of efficiency, and the Honda tag of easy maneuvering and handling are at their best in this car.

 sPhoto by kenjonbro

The car from the exterior has a very regular modern look and the interior is even more so, it would be very exciting for anybody who has ever played any car racing computer games!

This car also has brilliant voice command guided navigation, which is definitely a positive.

Toyota Hybrid Camry:

This car is catching up very fast with the above mentioned two hybrid cars and might very soon be the number one in the countdown, considering the features that this Toyota Hybrid offers and how glad the customers are.

 sPhoto by toastforbrekkie

Camry as you know is one of the best selling cars in the country, and Toyota had the good sense to combine the selling sophistication and features of the Camry with the efficiency and the synergy drive to make it into a Hybrid version. Mpg that it offers is a 40 in the city and a 38 on the highway.

The interior luxury and the super fast engine need not be described for the Hybrid Camry, as it is well implied since it is a Camry.

Honda Accord Hybrid:

this is the Hybrid car that you should go for if you still want the speed instead of the fuel efficiency of the other cars mentioned here. It is the first V6 Hybrid car in the country and is certainly the fastest one in America.

 sPhoto by Scott Robinson Honda

They have in fact been also rated as a very safe vehicle according to some Crash tests that were carried out, though many people might have some objection to all that plastic looking black of the interiors.

Nonetheless, this is one fast Hybrid!

Lexus GS 450H:

This car makes it to the top five Hybrid car list because it is the first Hybrid Sedan which is also a part of the class of luxury cars, and that too it holds this status world-wise and not only for the country.

 sPhoto by Michael-SpeedraceR

This car is however not on an earlier slot in the countdown solely because of a little bit of slack in the acceleration that the car seemed to show, it lags behind most of the other Hybrid cars in this list. This car however, looks great and has a very sophisticated exterior and interior which adds to the positives of such a Hybrid car.

This list should give you an idea of what the best Hybrid cars in the country has to offer.


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