• May 15, 2018

5 Car Care Tips – Beat the Heat this Summer

5 Car Care Tips – Beat the Heat this Summer

Everyone wants comfort, luxury and peace of mind in daily routine. Life is much fast and speedy, in order to cope up with pace one has to acquire all the essentials of modern time. The most comforting and successful scientific invention of the modern era is vehicles. It not only reduces the distances but also decreases the wearing long journeys. Like human beings, things also have limited age, so as these gadgets and vehicles. To prolong their life we should adopt some safety measures. There are many natural factors that affect these vehicles, the biggest havoc in the life of these vehicles are the weather conditions. Weathers not only changes the mood and health of living things but also influences transport vehicles. Heat in the summer is the most destructive force for everything. In this scorching heat, the outer, as well as inner protection of a car, is also very important. You can protect your car form heat with following tips.  

1. Weathers can make it hard to maintain the brand new look of a car, especially in summer. The exterior of a car is badly affected by the sunlight.  You cannot protect your car from sun exposure all the time. Sun rays can not only heat up the inner section of your car but also can damage the paint and tires of the car. Thus, a shady area along with garage is desirable. Moreover, car covers can further make it easy for you to park your car anywhere in any weather. During summer, persistent parking with continuous exposure to heat lessens the life of interior of the car. Dust particles can further add fuel to fury and make it more vulnerable. Custom fitted car covers can help you to protect your car from heat exposure. With proper cleaning, you can also shield its internal parts from wear and tear. During summer, the importance of AC is undeniable. In this hot temperature, everyone needs to protect himself from perspiring heat as soon as they sit in the car. The HVAC unit of a car is overloaded when AC is on. If AC is in proper condition then this load may be reduced. Thus, frequent servicing of AC is must to protect your car from becoming an oven in the summer.

2. A battery of a car is also a victim of heat. It can be drained quickly due to summer heat or overcharged which reduce its life. Heat can also decrease the fluid level. Additionally, dust particles along with the lower level of fluid shorten its lifespan. Thus, a proper cleaning of battery and maintenance of fluid level can save it from destructive results.

3. Tires are the most essential part of the cars. The health of the tires can become the most critical factor for your trip. Make sure it should be properly inflated because under-inflated tires can end up with burst and over-inflated tires can lead to poor grip. Moreover, they also need some special attention according to weathers. Summer season with its heat put more pressure on the condition of tires. You need to use a proper pressure gauge to protect it from the burst. Furthermore, change your tires in case of balding. You can also safeguard your tires during parking by using outdoor car storage covers.

5. Don’t skip your trip due to weather hazards; just take some precautionary kits with you. With car storage bags, you can confidently protect and park it anywhere, anytime and at any weather. Always have some emergency medical kits in your car to deal with any kind of situations. Moreover, spare tires, pressure gauge, and other essential tools kits are mandatory to be kept in your car, to make your trip smooth and valiant.

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