• January 12, 2012

5 Cars that will be showcased in 2012 Detroit Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show 2012 is an international event; in this show all the players of automotive industry showcase their best and upcoming vehicles in Detroit.

This show is important from many perspectives; first of all it provides a wonderful opportunity to automakers to present their vehicles on a grand level in international platform. People get a chance to know about the latest and upcoming vehicles which they love to buy and desperate to see the first looks.

Segments of Detroit Auto Show

  • Press Preview
  • Industry Preview
  • Charity Preview
  • Open to Public

Schedule for 2012

  • Press preview from January 9–10
  • Industry preview from January 11–12
  • Charity preview on January 13
  • Open to the public from January 14–22

Following is the list of chosen 5 vehicles that will be presented in 2012 International Auto Show

1. Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus always find ways and means to display its wonderful concept cars in huge shows and great events. This time it also found a platform to display its latest concept car; Lexus is going to unveil LF-LC Concept in North American Auto Show 2012. This is a hybrid powered coupe which features stunning exterior and interior features, front of this lavishing car features particular spindle grille of Lexus. Let’s see what response it will get from public.

2. Acura NS-X Concept

Acura NS-X Concept is a wonderful concept sports car, like the typical sports cars this model is also meant for 2 passengers, all-Wheel drive hybrid powertrain is among its most prominent features. Acura wants to retain its image as a durable, fuel-efficient and performance oriented car that’s why it paid special attention while designing it.

3. 2013 Cadillac ATS

2013 Cadillac ATS is simply a “wow” kind of car with best features which will make you fall in love with this bold and stylish car. It’s a bold and luxury vehicle with angular style, prominent front grille and vertical taillights further makes it appealing. Exterior of this car is super stylish and it will be one major factor that will rank it among leading Sedan cars.

4. 2013 Mercedes-Ben SL

Once again Mercedes is ready to set new standards of performance and competition for its rivals with the introduction of 2013 Mercedes-Bens SL. This fabulous car is meant for 2 passengers and it is powered by twin turbocharged V8 engine and its 7 speed automatic transmission will rank it among most powerful and latest cars. Like the other SL models, this model is also expected to be fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

5. 2012 Mini-Roadster

2012 Mini Roadster is a smart and stylish car with seating capacity for 2 passengers; it is quite a safe and sound car with best in class safety features. Windshield and double stainless steel rollover bars makes it rigid and safe. This versatile car allows customers to choose among three performance driven powertrain i.e. Base model with 1.6L inline 4 (121-bhp), mid-level Mini Cooper Roadster S which provides 181 bhp and last but not the least Mini John Cooper Works model with 1.6L and 208 bhp.

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