• August 9, 2010

5 Innovations That Leads to Greener Cars

Greener Cars

Almost all of us are quite happy with the trend of hybridization which is very hot into the auto markets nowadays but let me tell you there is much more to come and the auto developers are really busy to bring some more goodness into the trend of hybrid cars.

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The electric cars are not just the end, the auto makers are ensuring that there is lot more to come for the electric cars, may be at some time the wires gets vanished and you can get the car recharge from some other source.

Here in this article I am going to discuss some of the concepts that are running in the auto industry and if get finalized then they can bring more goodness into the trend of green cars.

1. Kinetic Roads

This idea is under experimentation in the United Kingdom and basically its experimenters are the Sainsbury grocery chain. Basically this idea involves the implementation of special plates in the parking lots and these plates have the ability to produce power when the cars drove over them. It doesn’t involve much power, only the little amount of energy is obtained as the car pass through these palates and as a result of this a whole grocery store can be provided the power to run itself.

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This type of harvesting Kinetic energy is though a new one but it’s getting popular and this idea is roaming in many industries, you can take the example of a nightclub in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that even has a kinetic dance floor to generate power from the movement of its guests.

2. Speed Bumps

This is another amazing idea of generating power that is under experimentation by Sainsbury’s brand of technology.  As we all know that speed bump is a kind of hurdle that can reduce the car’s speed in the residential area but here this concept has been utilized for some other work. According to this concept some special speed bumps that are leading to a toll booth or signal could help a car to slow down and spare the brake pads while recapturing some of the momentum and turning it into electricity.

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New Energy Technologies in Burtonsville, Md. has claimed that they have utilized this concept in the production of electricity and according to the reports the company is testing the system at Holiday Inn Express in Maryland and a Burger King drive-through in North Carolina.

3. Wireless Charging

The electric cars are slowly becoming a part of our life and that time is not very far when the electric cars will take over all the other vehicles. So why don’t try something new in this field, different companies are experimenting the way of wireless charging for the electric motors so that the charging up of these vehicles becomes easy and you can charge your cars anywhere. Nissan which is on one side busy in the production of its most famous electric car ‘Nissan Leaf’ is also working on this concept. The automaker is experimenting magnetic induction in order to device ways for charging electric batteries wirelessly.

The company has also demonstrated a system in which you can wirelessly charge a car in the parking area, but some other plan is also running in the mind of automaker. According to the second plan the implantation of induction charging strips will be made on the roads so that the cars can charge up on the go. So let’s see what idea finally gets its place in the market and shows out the real concept of wireless charging in front of whole world.

4. Smart Charging with Smartphones

Just from the title of this concept I just spelled out this word wow! The name of this concept shows what it could be. Nissan is the master mind of this concept just the previous one, in the summer of 2009 the company showed up many prototypes that were basically the new ways of charging up the electric cars. Among the ones shown in 2009 a very interesting one was an iPhone application that lets the users to control the charging mode of their car from their iPhone no matter how they far they are standing from their car, another excitement is that you will receive the sms alert when the battery will be full.

According to the company the phone will also be used to receive the climate control of the car i.e. pre heating or cooling the car while it is still plugged in and saving it saving it from performing this battery-draining task once on the road. Thus we can say that Nissan is really up to bring some really exciting thing into the field of electric cars.

5. A Hot Piece of Asphalt

Have you ever thought of storing the heat of summer to warm up your homes in winter? This thing might seem stupid but its reality because Invisible Heating Systems in Scotland is already working on it. Actually the company is installing a system that invests of thermal energy of hot roads using a network of water-filled tubes that are running below the paving surface. By pumping the hot water into giant underground “thermal batteries” made of moist sand, the heat can then be drawn upon in the winter to warm homes. So how’s that? Just like me you might never have thought about such thing but after this experimentation a hope has been awakens that may be in future we’ll be storing heat in this way.

So these were some of the highly innovative concepts that can change the concept of green into the greenest one, most of the concepts are so unique that no one had ever thought of them before but the creative mind of some people are making these thing happen in reality. After knowing about these concepts I can assure that if all the concepts get successful then no one can stop the technological advancement to reach the skies.

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