• May 2, 2019

5 Safety Tips Seasoned Bikers Swear By

5 Safety Tips Seasoned Bikers Swear By

“When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive” – Neil Peart

Living on the edge is one thing that makes motorcycle rides so satisfying. But when it’s the question of your safety, do you know when to play by the rules and when to let go?

Knowing about safety is perhaps the first thing you’d hear the moment you get yourself a motorcycle. While there are many things that you learn from your own riding experiences, there are other insights that you can only get from experienced riders.

Which is why we’ve compiled this list of six motorcycle safety tips for you from some of the top professionals and seasoned riders. Keep reading, for it might just change the way you ride!

1. Ride with People Who You Trust and Who Know How to Ride

Going on motorcycle trips with friends is fun. However, you wouldn’t want to ride with someone who is intoxicated, doesn’t know how to handle their bike or who is showing off. Such individuals not only put their lives at risk but also threaten to harm their fellow riders.

Thus, you should plan your motorcycle excursions with your friends who are experienced riders and share your views on safety and trust.

2. Always Have the Helmet On!

The helmet is a crucial part of safety riding gear. Necessarily, there are two aspects of using a helmet safely. First, you need to make sure that the helmet has a proper snug fitting. Secondly, you should hook the harness properly into its socket before starting the ride.

Also, you should keep the visor clean to ensure optimal vision while riding. With the helmet on, your head will be protected at all times. Even if you meet with an accident, the helmet will absorb the impact and protect you from serious injuries.

3. Wear the Right Gloves.

 Another vital piece of equipment for motorcycle riders are abrasion-resistant gloves. These variants have a specially reinforced design to ensure that your palms and fingers remain protected during accidents.

Motorcycle riding gloves also help you grasp the handles firmly and give you better manoeuvrability and control over the clutch. Another practical advantage of wearing gloves is that they protect your fingers from getting cold during those freezing-cold winter mornings rides.

4.  Feather Your Clutch on Slower Turns. 

Whether you decide to go all clutch or no clutch while turning into a parking lot, you could risk tipping your motorcycle. You may experience the same while making a U-turn or following a pack of slower-moving riders.

Ideally, you must feather your clutch whenever you have to make smaller, tighter turns. By feathering, you would have the right amount of momentum that you’d need to make the turn. 

5. Protect Your Motorcycle with Two-wheeler Insurance

Nowadays, buying two-wheeler insurance is mandatory for all motorcycle owners and riders. Popular insurance plans from reputable insurers not only provide coverage against any accidental damage but also extend the protection to both rider and pillion.

With insurance, therefore, you would receive financial help to cover all repair costs for the motorcycle and medical treatment expenses for yourself.

Enjoy Motorcycle Rides Responsibly!

Being safe on the road doesn’t imply that you would have to compromise on the thrill or the liberating experience of riding your motorcycle. Instead, it enhances your motorcycle rides and helps you appreciate the two-wheeled chariot of Gods better!

Seasoned bikers swear by the under-written golden rules of wearing protective gear whenever on the road, riding with close friends and peers, and proactively buying two-wheeler insurance. Therefore, it is probably a no-brainer that you believe in these rules too!

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