• November 21, 2009

5 Tips to Reduce Stress in Your Car

Reduce Stress in Your Car

Reduce stress in your car in ways that actually support you without giving you a rough day overall. It can be very draining with all the stress in driving. It is all up to the owner though but with constant work on the owner’s part to bring focus to organizing the car driving skills and focusing on what can make it easier for you to drive in a balanced way.

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The long commute to work can get very frustrating if one is not relieving the stress of driving through rush hour traffic. There can be quite some interesting ways through which stress can be managed in order to bring order to one’s life.

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Some of the top 5 ways to reduce the stress that one feels in cars would be via an order of some form:

1. Knowing What Gets You Stressed Out:

When one is sure of what gets one stressed out it can be a mega revelation. Different people get stressed out for different reasons and when we become aware of what stresses us more. We can be quite pro-active with what we see as stress but when figured out that can be totally dealt with. Trying to take steps that really manage our stress comes right after we know what stresses us most first and foremost.

2. Thinking Positive:

Positive thinking can be a great tool in order to bring about greater order to your day. It is not about positive thinking in a methodical way but also bringing some of the most interesting self development tools like deep breathing and positive affirmations that can bring incredible changes to one’s whole outlook and approach to driving.

3. Buying an Air Freshener:

It is really important to have some of the greatest impacts in maintaining balance within your car through an important and beneficial air freshener. This would take a lot of your problems away especially when the air inside the car can get stuffy. A natural air freshener is always better than anything artificial. Smells like orange blossom, peppermint, vanilla, lavender and fresh citrusy ones can really make a great relaxing atmosphere.

4. Being Courteous:

People mostly lose their cool and swear and aggravate the situation they are into while driving. Staying calm and positive as well as being positive can be a great thing. This can come as an outward expression of being calm and courteous. This can potentially bring a better atmosphere to your driving day. This is indeed one of the best things that one can bring about in terms of making driving comfortable and easy for the self as well as for others.

5. Slowing Down:

We are always rushing ahead but it is good to remember that no one dies of missing a meeting but for rushing. This can be one of the greatest unfolding features about a good driving day. Wherever you are going, if you are more conscious about your breathing and kind of plan ahead then one can expect that you stay calmer.

Road rage is more of an immature, exhibitionist approach and can bring lots of problems but if one stays calmer and concentrates on positive things before hitting the road, things definitely go better than expected. Relaxing music which is upbeat and happy but not intense or too hard, can always make your day. Nice and inspiring iPhone applications and records can really bring about some good changes in your daily driving. It is always important to focus on positive and calm as well as happy thoughts, while slowing the pace.

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