5 Top Cars With Least Fuel Cost

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1- Honda Civic GX

Not on gasoline, but on compressed natural gas and it can smilingly cover 28 miles/gallon (equivalent of natural gas). Its estimated yearly fuel cost is around $884 and it is available with $24,590 lowest base price.


It’s possible that you face some difficulty in finding a natural gas pump, unlike a gasoline station and considering this Honda is also offering an at-home pump that you can tap into the line at your home. With a single fill-up it travels around 170 miles and you must carefully plan your trip if you are going somewhere away from your home.

2- Toyota Prius

The Prius has 46mpg overall with $1019 estimate yearly fuel cost and $21,000 lowest base price. Though the Pirus is usually considered a small car, it qualifies for a medium size sedan with bounteous interior space.


3- Honda Civic Hybrid

With 42 overall mpg, $1117 estimated yearly fuel cost and $24,350 base price; it has electric motors to effectively get the most of a 1.3-liter relatively small engine.


4- Toyota Camry Hybrid

Its battery pack gets some of its trunk space, but proves quite effective to make it quite fuel efficient with 34mpg overall and 1,380 estimated annual fuel cost it has the price tag of $25,350. You will really notice its fuel effectiveness when you are on some long trip.


5- Smart For Two

With 36 overall mpg, $1397 annual fuel cost and $11,590 lowest base price, this ForTwo is really smart as well as cheap. You can really cover long distances with just a gallon of a gas. It looks stylish but no fancy technology has been used and there is just a small engine that efficiently runs this two-seater. But it needs high premium to run three-cylinder 1.0-liter capacity engine.


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