• August 23, 2013

6 New Car Technologies Worth Praising

People nowadays need more than just a car with an EFI engine or a V6 4cycle automatic transmission. They need something that can facilitate them with the necessary technology. The days when people were impressed by a sports car with scissor doors and a 1000 horsepower engine are long gone. Now is the time for inventions that would make even the GPS navigational system in a Mercedes-Benz look old. So, to make tech hungry enthusiasts satisfied, car manufacturers have come up with new features that would make even a Volkswagen look classy. Let’s have a look at best car technologies one by one.

Rear-mounted Radar

Rear-mounted Radar

Imagine yourself in a parallel parked car; you would struggle a lot with the forward and reverse gear until getting out of the spot. Plus, you are no Vin Diesel or Jason Statham that you’ll never have an accident. So, for your convenience, a feature known as “rear-mounted radar” has been introduced in the automobile industry. It’s simple – whenever you reverse from a tight spot, and are in danger of crashing into a fence, car or any other obstacle, you hear an alarm that warns you to watch out. This comes in very handy and can save you from a lot of fender benders! This technology, initially, was given many names by different car manufacturers, i.e. Chrysler’s Cross Path Detection System or Ford’s Cross Traffic Alert. So, it’s time to be safer, get this feature installed and save some pain, right away!

Self-driving Cars

self driving car

As a kid, I’m sure you would’ve seen one of those spy movies with heroes having self-driving cars which you wanted to have. Well, now that you’ve grown up, you have an opportunity to buy one for yourself. Over the recent months, Google has been testing self-driving cars on the highways and roads. With the installation of radars, lasers and cameras, the car can detect and evaluate its surroundings much more quickly than a human can. It has the capability to read road signs, and detect pedestrians crossing. If this technology is made public, the people of New York, who spend nearly 100 hours sitting in traffic every year, will benefit the most from it. Moreover, self-driving cars can reduce road accidents by 95%. Buy yourself this amazing car and thank Google for the rest of your life.

Car-unlocking Phones


Latest concept cars such as the Rinspeed iChange and the Chrysler Global Electric Motorcars Peapod have embraced Apple’s trendy iPhone as a tool not only for making phone calls or playing music, but as the key to start the automobile. A car sharing company known as Zipcar is about to launch a free iPhone app by the end of this year. Take it to the Zipcar workshop, install a device in your car and it would allow only the owner’s phone to unlock or lock the car. Not only that, you can even honk the horn with your phone. Pretty cool, right?

Voice Controlled Cars


With the latest technology called “Sync”, developed by Ford in collaboration with Microsoft, many smartphone functions are made available by voice control in cars. The same phone can be used as the driver’s personal ID to the car, just like key fob which we see in some cars today, directing the vehicle to adjust seats, mirrors and maybe even radio presets to suit the driver automatically. Ford also offers MYKEY; when your kid is driving the car, and you feel worried about the speed; you can simply limit it. Whenever your child increases the limited speed; you get a call on your phone. Pretty handy, yet I’m sure the teenagers will hate this feature.

Hybrid Cars

toyota puris

Although this invention has been out for quite a while, the new thing about it is that the cars having new hybrid engines have a much better fuel economy than the previous ones. Take Toyota Prius for example, this car has the best yet fuel economy as compared to previous hybrid cars. It does not convert to petrol engine until it reaches a speed of 30 mph. That means for the first two transmissions, that takes most of the fuel, the car runs on electric motor. This technology can open doors to electric cars, letting users save money on fuel.

Remote Controlled Parking

Remote Controlled Parking

There must have been moments in your life when you wanted to impress someone, and feel proud of it. Well, here’s your chance; BMW gives you the all new remote-controlled parking feature! All you have to do is get out of your car, and press the key fob button for the car park. Next thing you know, your BMW starts moving at a speed of 1 mile per hour, fully aware of its surroundings and enters your garage. It then shuts itself down. The same procedure is done for taking your car out of the garage. The BMW will reverse all of its actions, and will even stop if it detects any obstacle in its way.

If you really want a drive with ease, convenience, safety and a little bit of fun, let the new car technologies be your companion.


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