• December 20, 2008

6-speed auto transaxle from Hyundai

The development of a 6-speed auto transaxle has been completed by Hyundai and it is being considered quite effective to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emission. It is being claimed that it will improve fuel economy even more than 12.2%.

It has been especially for the crossways engine functions in SUVs and passenger cars. With the advent of its 6-speed automatic transaxle, Hyundai has become the member of the high-class automakers family that have their own 6-speed automatic transaxle.

Hong-Min, who is the project manager at Hyundai, says in this connection: “ The unique and exclusive layout of our 6-speed is its real strength and because of this it is lighter, smaller and a lot more compact than other available six-speed. And almost 300 patents regarding this technology have been applied by Hyundai and it is because of its unique and advance design.

The Hyundai Grandeur will be the first vehicle to come up with the transaxle and a 3.3-litre V6 engine. It will provide 12.2% fuel efficiency with 7.8 sec acceleration time and 2.5% increased in speed.

The new 6-speed transaxle has many technical advantages and it took four years for development. It has extra gear but still almost 12kg lighter in weight than the 5-five speed it substitutes.

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