• May 4, 2012

7 Best SmartPhone Applications for Your Car

Good news for Smartphone users! Now you can also make your car a smart car just by downloading some wonderful and really useful applications which you help you to solve your multiple problems. Many Smartphone applications are available that facilitate the users to achieve fuel economy and maintain fuel efficiency in an efficient way. Some applications related to route identification and maximum speed calculation solve your big troubles of fine on the highway. Following is the list of best 7 Smartphone applications, hopefully this list will solve your many problems which you face every day while driving.

1. AccuFuel

Do you wana calculate your spending on fuel? AccuFuel is right application for you that will give you complete information about how much you spend on fuel. The Good thing is this application will present all information about your spending even if you own more than 1 car. AccuFuel is available with adjustable odometer and gives you the freedom to choose among Imperial, SAE and Metric mode. This application is must-have these days especially if you wish to manage your spendings wisely and smartly.

2. My Max Speed 2.0

Speed thrills but kills…..if you want to keep track of maximum speed achieved by your children this application will definitely help you. My Max Speed 2.0 will also help you in many ways especially if you ever desired to show the speed record on highway when you are accused of breaking the speed limit. This app will be a proof that you were moving within speed limit; all you need to do is keep this app in “On” mode, you can also set the password for the sake of privacy and security.

3. GreenMeter

Just like its name this application help you to maintain the fuel-efficiency and care about environment by being eco-friendly. GreenMeter is basically an iPhone application that presents information about your driving style which will in turn help you to manage your acceleration so that you can achieve efficient driving style in order to be fuel-efficient. Different kinds of related information for instance oil usage, CO2 emission and energy cost will be displayed when you will start using this application.

4. TripAlyzer

TripAlyzer is the application that guides the user about the fuel economy ratings especially on the routes which are most commonly preffered. In this way this application helps you to maintain the fuel efficiency and also provide you accurate information about the route that help you to achieve desirable fuel efficiency. Information about Speed, Time, Distance and Direction is shown by TripAlyzer.

5. G-tac

This app calculates your g force and also provides information about horsepower. You might be thinking how it displays accurate information actually if uses GPS so that accelerometer present in iPhone display the correct information. G-tac measures 0-100 and 0-60mph in addition to braking/cornering force.

6. Trapster

Trapster is the application that warns you about the speed information and provides you details about the location of speed and red-light cameras. Information is displayed through maps of Smartphones that can well guide you about your location and other details.

7. iGas Up

iGas Up is the application that will help find the nearest gas retailer that offers best deals at cheap rate. This application guide you about such retailers and display information about best 10 nearby retailers and their gasoline rates.

Be smart and make smart use of your trendy Smartphones, hopefully above mentioned applications will help you to make best use of your gadget and your car. Try these applications you will really find this information useful.

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